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Twenty years ago we launched Educarchile along with the Ministry of Education to accompany teachers throughout the country in their quest for better quality in education.

Currently, the questions on what is relevant to learn to live in today’s world and the way to do it, are more open than ever. Social challenges, digital transformation, climatic change, and migratory movements put new demands on schools. The role of the teacher is changing: they are not the only source of knowledge anymore. The teacher instead, has become a facilitator of the students’ learning guiding them in a world flooded with stimuli and information.

Learning to learn through and for life has become the great skill to acquire in order to tackle the future, especially for teachers. To lead this change, they must be prepared, develop skills, and master new methodologies. To this end, the Educarchile portal centers its proposal on classroom teachers and school managers, offering a series of contents geared to promoting the development of 21st century skills, by introducing and implementing innovative educational methodologies that promote a more active and contextualized learning process, considering the students’ preferences and concerns.

To support teachers along that road, Educarchile offers:

Learning support

Resources and tools organized by course and by skill to be developed

Educational innovations

Methodologies and field experiences to inspire change inside the classrooms.

ICT tools

Bridges the gap between users with several online tools, encouraging collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Professional development

Continuous training courses, free of charge and online, so users can improve according to their needs and at their own pace.

Learning communities

Are spaces of interaction where users may share their educational experiences with other teachers.


+ 60000

Teachers and school managers are registered users of Educarchile.

+ 10000

Digital educational resources organized according to the school’s educational curriculum.

+ 25

Online training courses for teachers and managers on subjects such as educational leadership for the 21st century, innovative methodologies, challenges of the digital society, and assessment for learning.


Ministry of Education

Since 2001, the Chilean Ministry of Education has kept a collaborative alliance with Fundación Chile for the development of educarchile.

Plan Ceibal

Plan Ceibal was created in 2007 as an inclusion and equal opportunities plan to support with technology, the Uruguayan education policies. Ceibal donated digital tools so the portals’ users could perform different actions related to the educational work, such as editing content, displaying information, and assessing, among others.

Fundación VTR

Is a private non-profit organization that operates with the contribution of VTR. Its goal is to develop and disseminate contents related with five matters, that as a whole seek to promote the cultural, social, and economic development of Chile. They consist in Identity, Decentralization, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and Science.

Due to VTR’s alliance with educarchile, the educational portal offers its users the contents of the audiovisual series “Por la razón o la ciencia” (For the reason or the science). The series  approaches several scientific topics of civic interest aligned with the learning objectives of the current school curriculum.

Our commitment is global. This initiative contributes to:

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