April 23, 2020


1,200 new openings for cost-free courses are made available to satisfy the high demand for workers in the digital area

● In a context where demand for digitally skilled people has increased in 32%, Sence and Digital Talent for Chile announced 3,000 Scholarships for 2020.
● The first call is offering 1,200 scholarships, for people in the Metropolitan, Valparaíso, and Araucanía regions who have lost their jobs and are able to access programming and design courses free of charge.

If before the Covid- 19 rise, the human capital needed to tackle the Digital Transformation in Chile exceeded 60 thousand people, the arrival of the virus has further deepened this gap. According to a survey by DNA Human Capital, the demand for IT professionals has increased in 32% during the health crisis.

Therefore, in a scenario where many people are losing their jobs, the possibility of training in digital trades is presented as a concrete possibility to reconvert or update knowledge, in an area allowing labor reinsertion within a high-demand market.

Sence and Digital Talent for Chile Program -a public-private initiative seeking to install skills aligned with the digital economy- announced they will be offering 3,000 scholarships during 2020, providing in the short term, real employment opportunities and covering the technological gap referring to personnel.

Undersecretary of Labor, Fernando Arab, explains that “Chile has great challenges in terms of labor for the future. One of them is technology, where we need to see what skills and abilities our workers will require for new types of jobs. Initiatives such as Talento Digital are extremely relevant, given we have to prepare our workers for the jobs of the future”.

This year’s first call offers 1,200 scholarships and is especially intended for people who have lost their employment sources. There are six UI/UX programming and design courses, which have been developed according to the most demanded profiles in the industry.  Even though they have been designed to be taught in a classroom format, they may be taught initially online, with distance learning teachers (as the Coronavirus pandemic emergency extends, until the start of classes).

For Juan Manuel Santa Cruz, National Director of SENCE, “what we are looking for in this program, is that through 4 to 5 month courses, such as the mobile applications developer and designer course, someone may acquire all the tools required to perform without a problem in these new jobs, in these trades that companies are hiring for, and where we can see that more and more employment opportunities will be available”.

Those who enter the program this year will be part of the second generation of Digital Talent for Chile students. Currently, 1,500 people are taking the courses from the first call made last year. On that occasion, over 15,000 people signed up on the application platform, which speaks of the population’s high interest in this type of program. Among the characteristics of these first scholarship recipients, it is worth noting that 68% were unemployed when applying and 35% were female. For them, the main motivation is to find a job, while for men it is to be able to carry out their own enterprise.

The programs are delivered by training institutions that meet the Digital Talent Program’s standards and have experience teaching under the bootcamp methodology, or are in alliance with international bootcamps that have landed in Chile to especially participate in this initiative. The bootcamp methodology is currently an international training reference for high-level digital skills.

“The technological bootcamps focus on active learning through agile methodologies and the challenge of developing increasingly complex technological solutions. For instance, this methodology allows a person that does not possess basic technological skills, to become a programmer ready to jump into the labor market,” explains Diego Richard, Executive Director of Digital Talent for Chile Program.

Requirements to apply

Some of the requirements of the 2020’s first call is that applicants are able to study in the Metropolitan, Valparaiso, and Araucania regions.  In addition, they must be unemployed and have a minimum of 12 social security contributions in the last 24 months, either continuous or not, and at least one contribution in the last 12 months. In addition, they must fall within the most vulnerable 80% of the population, be over 18 years of age, and have completed secondary education.

The courses are free of cost and are subsidized with $3,000 per day for transport or internet connection, in the case of online courses. Applicants can apply for the following programs:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Android Mobile Application Developer
  • Front End Application Developer
  • Full Stack Developer, where students can specialize in the Java, Phyton, or Java Script programming languages.

Talento Digital para Chile’s graduates enter a labor intermediation program, geared to support them in their market insertion. Talento Digital has a network of more than 100 companies that have joined this initiative in order to access this breeding ground of talent.

If interested in the scholarships, you may apply through from April 23 to May 25.

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