Expande Seeks to Promote the Association of Innovative Companies and Startups That See in Mining an Opportunity to Scale up Their Businesses

Thanks to Open Space, both local and international companies will be able to establish new partnership opportunities leading to complement and install capacities and create equipment and/or consortiums to meet the mining sector’s demand for innovation.

Expande launched a new space for local and international companies that want to escalate their business collaboratively in the mining industry.

We are talking about Open Space, a platform that seeks to enable new partnership opportunities that enable the complementation and installation of capacities, the creation of teams or consortiums, and internationalization and soft landing processes, in order to meet the demand for innovation in the mining sector at both local and global levels.

Enrique Molina, Executive Director of Expande, said that “Open Space responds to a need that we detected in our supplier network, who sometimes are unable to meet a specific request or to apply to one of our challenges as they do not have 100% of the technical, technological, operational, and sometimes financial capabilities required to give a timely response to the needs of any given company.”

“This space seeks to open new opportunities, not only for those who are already immerse in the mining ecosystem, but also for those companies that have experience implementing technological solutions in other industries, but that are also applicable in mining,” added Molina.

Those interested may be able to register at www.expandemineria.cl, and complete a profile specifying the company’s business area, a description of the partner, and capabilities they are seeking for, as well as what they are willing to offer in a future partnership relationship. The name of the company may be public or private according to the preferences of each participant; in the latter case, a code will be assigned to safeguard privacy aspects and contact details.

It should be noted that Expande will monitor the “matches”, according to the specific interests expressed by the companies within the platform. This is in order to ease the process of sending contact data to potential partners that meet the characteristics specified in their profiles, whether public or private.

Ricardo Morgado, Expande’s Strategy and Development Director, added that “the value of Open Space resides in the collaboration and reciprocity between companies, promoting the association and complementing of capacities. However, there is also another valuable offer for those who register, and that is that they will have the possibility of accessing multiple benefits such as being part of technology scouting processes, participating in master classes, activities with venture capitals, and technology transfer, among other initiatives that we will inform in due course according to the profile of each company.”

In the same vein, Andrés Mitnik, Expande’s Business Director, indicated that “at Expande we are certain that collaboration is essential when it comes to strengthening value proposals and generating new sales. We have seen this first-hand in our challenges, where on several occasions it is consortia the ones that have been awarded. We have also seen it happen organically, with companies actively seeking to become platforms for other suppliers. Finally, it is well known that alliances between large and small suppliers are one of the most efficient ways to access new customers. It is in order to facilitate such interactions that we are launching Open Space today.”


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