FCh in the search for collaborative solutions for the CoVid-19 crisis

The global health crisis we are facing has stressed the need to redouble our efforts in being creative, in solidarity, and in a collective reflection. We need to rapidly seek-out scalable and transformational solutions that will enable us to tackle the new challenges in agile and effective ways.

Fundación Chile, counts with the support of the private sector and is coordinated with public state agencies, hoping to transform this crisis into opportunities for the better future of our society. To this end, we will be working in different fields of action, to which you are most invited to participate

Fundación Chile, is a non-profit organization; through the special status of the Municipal Donations Law, is authorized to channel donations and support offers from the private sector towards social and health needs in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Areas of Action:


Essential Supplies

The current spread rate of Covid-19 poses a great challenge to the public health system in terms of counting with the necessary supplies to detect and prevent the virus (quick viral detection tests, ventilators, masks, etc.); calling for joint efforts to make available the greatest amount of these resources to protect the population at higher risk.



Meeting the needs to provide millions of children with continuity and access to education (aligned with the school curriculum’s essential contents) with digital tools, modern educational resources, and learning networks. Intended/Meant for education professionals, schoolchildren, students in their final school years (remote college testing [PSU], employability skills), and children in isolated communities.


Remote Assistance

The physical and social self-isolation of the highest-risk population, including the elderly, is an enormous challenge in terms of making assistance available with user friendly technological tools.o.





Open Innovation

We are actively identifying the innovation challenges this pandemic has caused and detecting cost-effective solutions to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 virus in Chile through innovation and collaboration.






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