November 21, 2019

Mining council and Fundación Chile lead technological innovation roadmap for mining 4.0

  • In a four-month period, this work seeks to provide guidance in the mining sector as well as identifying areas where new technologies may add greater value.
  • The new Roadmap will count with the participation of some of the Mining Council’s partner companies and representatives of the industry.

In order to guide and identify those areas where new technologies can add more value in the next 15 years, the Mining Council along Fundación Chile, have kick started the development of a new Roadmap all the way to 2035, called “Technological Innovation for Mining 4.0” .

The event counted with Carlos Urenda, Mining Council’s Executive Director; Andrés Mitnik, Director of Business Development for Open Innovation in Mining at Fundación Chile, and representatives of several associate companies of the Mining Council such as BHP, Codelco, Collahuasi, Anglo American, and Freeport McMoran.

During the event, Carlos Urenda pointed out that, “Increasing and speeding up the incorporation of technology and innovation in the mining industry is a fundamental matter for the Mining Council. This will help our companies solve operational problems as well as help them improve sustainability and human capital challenges”.

In this vein, Andrés Mitnik added that “one of the main objectives of this Roadmap is to create a shared vision for the industry on how to approach the challenges of mining 4.0. Here, the answers can be found both in the mining companies as well as suppliers, therefore it is essential to coordinate efforts to maximize the capture of value. In addition, we will need to address cross-cutting issues such as management of change and human resources. This will be the turning point in defining the path to follow in mining 4.0, and that is the reason we are calling on all players to join this process so they do not to miss the opportunity to contribute”.

The development of this new Roadmap, which relies on the technical expertise of the Interop program team, also seeks to enable a portfolio of projects and activities for the short, medium, and long term that aim to develop the mining industry 4.0, the information systems interoperability, and the industry digitization. Besides, it will serve as a tool that will guide the technological decisions in R&D, reducing the risks in technology investments, helping the industry to take control over market opportunities and lowering entry barriers to promote the arrival of local suppliers.

This work will take a period of four months and will consist in four stages: exploratory interoperability study, identification of traction and enabling cores; prioritization of challenges, solutions, and human, technological, financial and R&D resources, and conceptual proposal validation.

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