Aprender (A) Ser

Committed to the promotion and development of students in Chile, BHP Foundation has decided to implement a series of initiatives in education that respond to the different needs that have emerged as a result of the physical isolation that millions of families are currently confronting in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of them is ensuring the continuity of education with online and offline solutions. Not every household in Chile counts with computers and internet connection, therefore the TV takes on a central role in the widespread massification of content, given most urban and rural homes has one.

This is the context in which “Aprender (A) SER” arises. It has been developed along Fundación Chile, with the purpose of elaborating high quality educational capsules to support the integral education processes of boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12, and contributing to develop skills for the 21st century. It will be aired by TV Educa Chile, a channel that is currently available nationwide for this purpose.

Watch episodes:

Daily Challenges

The TV program Aprender (A) Ser’s structure is based of four moments: Challenge, Experience, Practice, and Learning. The first of them presents the challenge to be accomplished, consisting in an activity on topics such as art, urbanism and architecture; science and technology, sustainable development, health, food and welfare, communication and literature, community relations, citizenship and democracy, among others.

After that, the children are invited to develop experiences and practices to further motivate their creative work. Finally, the learning achieved is reinforced based on the interactive experience: “What I learned To Be/Do” (“lo que aprendí (A) Ser”.)

After it’s airing on TV Educa Chile, the Aprender (A) Ser episodes will be available on the educarchile portal, where teachers will also find educational scripts of the capsules for working in their classes. This way, each episode will also be an educational resource that will facilitate the work of teachers during the remote education process.

Digital Education Network

BHP Foundation’s purpose is to build a multidisciplinary collaborative space to accelerate the transformation of Chilean education, promoting the skills that allow children and young people to develop their potential as 21st century citizens, focusing particularly on three areas: information technologies, psycho-emotional skills, and gender approach.

Thus, it has created a Digital Education Program in association with organizations that have developed work on the most urgent educational challenges in the context of the pandemic, among them, Fundación Chile.

Three areas, six projects:

Learning Continuity: Programs such as Aprendo en Casa (I Learn at Home), Aprender (A) Ser, and EduK.

Online education: Enseña Chile’s «Colegios que Aprenden» Program («Schools that Learn»).

Psycho-emotional support and resilience: A joint program with Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, which focuses on the emotional health and well-being of the school community including students, teachers and families; and a project with Comunidad Mujer, on the integration of a gender perspective in all projects.

“Although we realize that in-person school education cannot be replaced by other modalities, we consider essential to make efforts to generate different alternatives that help us encourage learning for boys and girls, bridging the gap our country’s education confronts, a gap that has increased in the current circumstances.”

Hernán Araneda, – VP of Human Development Centre at FCH.

“Through these initiatives, BHP Foundation aspires to contribute to bridging the gap in the quality of education that especially impacts the most vulnerable students in our country.”

Alejandra Garcés – Director of the BHP Foundation Chile Program

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