Center for Educational Leadership for Networked Improvement

The Center for Educational Leadership for Networked Improvement “+ Comunidad”, seeks to contribute with the development of effective leadership cultures in school communities, towards the learning in the 21st century society, and as a result of this foundational goal, becoming a national reference.

It is comprised by the Universidad de Concepción, Universidad de Atacama, Universidad Austral, Fundación Chile (FCH), and Fundación Educacional Seminarium (FES); and it is part of the public policy to strengthen school leadership, promoted and financed by the Ministry of Education.

+Comunidad seeks to strengthen the capacities of directors and teachers mainly in the Regions of Atacama, Metropolitan, Biobío and Los Ríos, so they can be able to lead in times of uncertainty, in the understanding that they play a fundamental role in this educational change and transformation process.

To achieve its purpose, it has established three main goals:

Support the Ministry of Education in the design of public policies to strengthen educational leadership at the different school system levels.

Provide regional sustainability for the innovation initiatives promoted by the center in terms of developing leadership skills throughout the school system..

Systemically strengthen school improvement processes in educational centers and in articulation with their territories.

Accordingly, its proposal has been structured around five main working areas:

Innovative training and education for leadership development

Networks, complexities, and territory

School leadership research and knowledge development

Technological tools for school leadership

Dissemination and transfer

Innovative training and education for the development of leadership skills, and networking and working in the territories represent the greatest innovation set forth by our Leadership Center. From a multi-annual perspective and based on networking in teams that will form Inter-levels Collaboration Networks, the center will deploy a work strategy based on the development of school improvement processes from the identification of specific issues in the practice, the theories of action that support them, the design of a theory of change and its implementation, concluding with its evaluation and subsequent up-scaling.

The research area will provide assistance to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of this process and will complement it with the generation of knowledge on topics of interest with and for the local educational communities.

Regarding the tools area, it will not only make visible the ones that already exist in the country in order to make them available for school improvement processes, but it will also develop the ones that are considered more necessary for working in schools.

The new Center will strengthen the role of managers/directors and teachers in more than 48 schools throughout the country, benefiting 200,000 schools and lyceums leaders”.

The dissemination area will make available the knowledge generated in this four-year process: the good practices that are generated and the impact results to be identified in the improvement processes, arising from the accompanying and training that the Center will carry out.

After 51 months of the Center for Educational Leadership for Network Improvement’ deployment, we hope having contributed to the strengthening of a leadership culture for learning at the different levels of the Chilean school system, expressed in improved team leadership practices and improved teaching practices of teachers in educational centers.

+Comunidad Kick-off Conference

Experience once more the launching of the + Comunidad Center, that counted with the participation of Santiago Rincón-Gallardo, PhD in Education and Education Policy professor at Harvard University, one of the foremost specialists in leadership for educational improvement in the world.

Santiago Rincón-Gallardo responded to the questions raised by the audience and synthesized the answers in a video that we share with you here:

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