In 2017, twenty leaders of the main organizations involved with education in Chile – including Fundación Chile- gathered to define a work agenda in order to address the main challenges that our educational system has to face, by using a series of common proposals that contribute to enhance students’ learning.

Acción Colectiva por la Educación (Collective Action for Education) is an alliance between civil society organizations committed to quality, equitable, and inclusive education. This organization seeks to promote a collective effort capable of generating a long-term educational agenda, working with the State -regardless the government in power- on the basis of knowledge and experience in the field to generate a large scale educational shift.

As actors with extensive knowledge, on-site experience, and in the implementation of concrete actions to transform and innovate in schools and educational communities throughout the country, we seek to ensure that the learning of all students at all stages is truly at the heart of the system’s design and articulation.


During this first stage, we have identified four priorities to transform our current educational system and to better assist the implementation of the ongoing reforms. To this end, we suggest building a short- and medium-term agenda on the issues of:

  • Early Education

  • Pedagogical Practices and Innovación

  • Inclusive Education

  • Directors Teams

Our goal is to build a country where all children and young people have equal opportunities to achieve their maximum potential, personal, and social development. Where along with others they can build an inclusive and egalitarian society, being active and responsible 21st century citizens towards all society.


This initiative seeks to encourage educational communities and hundreds of self-convoked individuals to participate in the spaces for dialogue and reflection provided by “Tenemos que Hablar de Educación” (We Must Talk about Education); a process that seeks to have the communities themselves raising the main stakes of this issue in Chile.

19 civil society organizations are part of Acción Colectiva por la Educación:

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