The “Cambia el Foco” initiative boosted sustainability and competitiveness in Chile through an innovative system for replacing traditional light bulbs with LED technology.

Its impact, three years after implementation, is of such magnitude that it managed to change quality and consumption standards of light bulbs and therefore, of the market.

Impacts of Cambia el Foco:

The savings potential of the program, considering that the lifespan of light bulbs is on average 10 years, is equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,600,000 households or the construction of a solar plant valued at USD160 million.

40% increase in LED technology

An increase in the presence of LED technology in the lighting market, from 2% in 2015 to more than 40% presence by the end of 2018.

12% residential consumption savings

This change in the market share and its energy impact represents savings of almost 12% of residential electricity consumption.

It avoids the emission of 6.5 million t/CO2eq

It is planned to avoid the emission of 6.5 million tons of CO2 equivalent to 153 million adult trees.

Energy efficiency standard update

The minimum lighting energy efficiency standard in the country was updated.

Cambia el Foco: Citizen Culture

During the three years of the project, light bulb replacements were made in houses, educational establishments, heritage buildings and hospitals in different communes of Santiago.

They reduced their electricity consumption up to 50% and at the same time, improved their quality of life given the improvements in lighting conditions.

See more about the experiences of the Liceo Pablo Neruda de Arica, and the Instituto Nacional de Santiago:


Cambia el Foco is part of the United Nations Environment Programme, Enlighten, which works to accelerate the transformation of the global market towards efficient lighting technologies.

It supports countries in the development of policies, strategies and actions for the gradual elimination of inefficient lighting products.


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