After the high impact achieved by the “Cambia el Foco” Program around the technological replacement in lighting, we are faced with a new challenge: energy efficiency in home refrigeration.

Refrigerators, as the second device (after lighting) with the greatest potential for savings in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, represent the next challenge around the United for Efficiency initiative, which seeks to reduce energy consumption in households, bringing efficient technologies and educating the community about its importance.

The challenge is not a small one, as there are about one million refrigerators in our country with more than 15 years of use, which makes them highly inefficient considering the technology of those times. It is estimated that given the continuous consumption of these devices, the savings potential through their replacement can exceed 25%.

We brought together producers of these products, retailers, municipalities, waste managers and the government in order to join forces and implement replacement models through joint coordination.

Including the people is also key in this process, as it is essential to generate greater awareness and knowledge about energy consumption, as well as delivering and informing about the correct disposal of old appliances, mainly because of the refrigerant gases that tend to be highly toxic and air-soluble.


50% highly-efficient models

Ensure that at least 50% of the existing models in the national market are highly efficient by the end of the project.

Reduce the emission of 547,462 t/CO2eq

Reduce the emission of 547,462 t/CO2eq during the three years of the project.

New Energy Efficiency Label

Development and introduction of a new Energy Efficiency label updated according to new technological standards.

Incorporation of a new international standard

Incorporation of the new international standard for the certification of refrigerators IEC62552.2015 in national laboratories (training of technicians).

Raise awareness and inform citizens

Raise awareness among citizens about the information provided by the Energy Efficiency label for an informed purchase.


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