The current global mining sector and in particular the local one, is facing great challenges as a result of the Fourth Industrial Revolution; namely ranging from automation and robotization to the digitization of processes. This has forced the sector to create new ways to be more competitive and to increase the efficiency and sustainability of its operations through the application of technologies.

The need to tackle operational difficulties brings up the need to develop Interoperability Standards to allow the entry of new suppliers, promote global collaboration on common problems in the mining industry, and allow synergy, collaboration and accelerating its evolution.

For instance, interoperability allows diverse strategic technological systems that impact the mining productivity, to be compatible with each other, regardless the supplier. 

To that end, the “Technological program for the creation and adoption of international standards for mining interoperability” co-financed by CORFO, was promoted to develop said standards. Thus, Interop will be the enabling platform and the driving force behind the digitization of the mining industry, geared towards the development, adoption, and promotion of open international standards for the interoperability of systems and equipment.

Interop will articulate and call together the corresponding organizations and/or professionals, according to the expertise needed for the development of the conceptual model and a technological Roadmap, which will allow the achievement of their objectives.

The inititative, under the support of Programa Nacional de Minería Alta Ley, has the participation of Fundación Chile, Corfo, BHP y Codelco.

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