Connecting the Solar Ecosystem

The BRILLA Solar Energy Open Innovation Program is born under the Solar Industry Roadmap (known in Spanish as Hoja de Ruta de la Industria Solar) developed by the government in 2015, as a tool to accelerate the penetration of solar energy in various industries and be a catalyst for innovative technological solutions to address the challenges of large-scale photovoltaic solar plants.

Through an unprecedented model of open innovation, it facilitates and stimulates the interaction between the solutions offer and demand challenges, increasing the local value capture by national suppliers.

Brilla aims to expand this model towards the promotion of other clean energies, moving towards a wider platform of Open Innovation in Energy Transition.

First characterization of national suppliers for the solar industry

Through its platform, Brilla characterized more than 250 suppliers of solutions for the solar industry, obtaining valuable information from the sector that did not exist before.

An unprecedented characterization of these companies revealed the relevant capabilities of innovation and development of products and services, technology and delivery of specialized technical advice they can provide.

Moreover, it identified the main barriers to its development, despite the high potential of the industry, the first being the access to financing.


BRILLA is an Open Innovation program in solar energy, funded by the Ministry of Economy and supported by Innova Chile of Corfo and the Solar Committee, has a technical team belonging to Fundación Chile and Fraunhofer Chile Research, who are co-executors of the project.


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