American Express Campaign in Support of Isolated Seniors

• 22.1% of older people in Chile are in a multidimensional poverty situation. Fifty percent live alone or with one partner.

• This initiative encourages people to turn their online grocery shopping into a solidarity purchase.

In view of the social and economic context that Chile is facing as a result of last October’s social flare-up and the Covid-19 pandemic, older adults have been the first to suffer the consequences. Civil society has shown its commitment and interest towards those who are most vulnerable in these unprecedented times. American Express and Banco Santander, in partnership with Fundación Chile, are also responding to this call and showing their support by delivering specially selected food boxes that meet the nutritional needs of this vulnerable segment throughout August and September. 

The most recent report from the National Statistics Institute (INE) revealed that unemployment in the country reached its highest level in the last decade, reaching 12.2% in the quarter between April and June. This has exerted a special pressure on Chilean family environments, resulting in precarious daily access to food.  According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), up to one million people in Chile could be in a situation of severe food insecurity due to the economic and social consequences of the pandemic.

One segment that is particularly vulnerable is older adults. The Casen 2017 Survey, indicates that 22.1% of older people in Chile are in a situation of multidimensional poverty.

In addition, the figures revealed this April by the UC Center for Studies on Aging and the Confuturo Insurance Company show that 50% of senior citizens live alone or with one other person, usually their partner.

American Express and Banco Santander sought to become actively involved as social agents, working to deliver customized food boxes for vulnerable seniors who are isolated as a result of the quarantine.

This initiative, to be carried out in partnership with Fundación Chile, will benefit older adults from the Vínculos program of the National Service for the Elderly (SENAMA); entity that supports seniors in poverty who live on their own or in the company of one other person.

Turning grocery shopping into solidarity purchases

This social campaign invites people to use the Santander American Express® Cards to make their online purchases in supermarkets on Mondays from August to September, thus making out of their grocery shopping a solidarity purchase. For every $80,000 accumulated, American Express and Santander will collaborate with a box that will go in support of the elders in the context of the pandemic.

The box, which will be delivered through Fundación Chile to 1,800 vulnerable households, is designed to cover the food needs of a family of 1 to 2 people for 14 days. The food is specially selected to meet the nutritional needs of seniors, including vitamin and mineral fortified milks and reduced sugar products. In addition, the box includes daily consumption items such as tea, coffee, sweeteners, as well as rice, legumes, and proteins.

This way, American Express reaffirms its commitment to supporting not only its customers, but also the communities where it is currently operating.

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