January 8, 2020

Digital Talent for Chile will offer free training programs for 16,000 people in three years:

Beginning of unprecedented courses to promote employment in technological areas

• Through the innovative Bootcamp Model of learning, a success in Europe and the United States, the first grant holders will be trained in the areas most sought after by technology development companies, with a high rate of employability upon completion of the training.

• By 2020, 3,250 new vacancies will be opened in a fractionated manner. The first call will take place in March.

In a world where the skills required to work in the digital area are scarce and the deficit of IT professionals in Chile is estimated at 25%, a series of unprecedented courses are being offered to train for the four profiles most demanded by the technology development companies and startups: Full Stack Java Trainees; Front-End Trainee Application Developers, Android Mobile Application Developer Trainees; or UX/UI Designers.

Fifteen hundred young people from eight different cities will access this training thanks to Talento Digital para Chile, a public-private initiative that creates concrete opportunities for employability in the technological area connecting skills with the needs of companies.

At the headquarters of Desafío Latam (Latam Challenge) downtown Santiago – the first bootcamp created in Chile, which has already trained over three thousand people for the digital industry – the Undersecretary of Labor, Fernando Arab, alongside Sense’s National Director, Juan Manuel Santa Cruz, and the Executive Director of Talento Digital, Diego Richard, welcomed the first generation of Talento Digital para Chile scholars.

“We are providing key instruments for the different challenges that the new world work requires. Thus, it is increasingly important to train our workers in these new skills, especially on the digital and technological ones, narrowing the gaps that still exist. The program takes on this challenge so that our workers are better prepared to tackle a dynamic and constantly evolving work scenario,” said Undersecretary of Labor, Fernando Arab.

SENCE’s National Director, Juan Manuel Santa Cruz, added that “as a service, we want to accompany and prepare each Chilean worker for the jobs of the future, with training that we have developed together with the companies, in the profiles that they require. But above all, we care about those currently unemployed that add up somewhat around 70% of our students, who see these courses as an excellent job opportunity.

Of the total 1,500 selected, 36% are women, in an industry where female participation is barely 5%. The ages of the students range from 18 to 65, and over half of them range between 26 and 35 years of age (54%).

“This first call has shown us their great interest in developing digital skills and working in the industry. Those starting their classes today are fully motivated and expect to make good use of the benefits of the digital economy, achieving concrete job opportunities. In addition, we long to be a contribution for companies, making available highly demanded experts with quality training,” stated Diego Richard, Digital Talent for Chile’s Director.

From the total of those selected:

  • 36%


  • 18 y 65

    Age fluctuation among students

  • 54%

    Students between the ages of 26 and 35

Bootcamp Model of Learning:

The courses will be implemented with the innovative bootcamp model, which is successfully implemented in the United States and Europe. This model uses active teaching-learning methods that reinforce the development of 21st century digital skills. This method has trained people who have been employed by companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Airbnb, among others.

“Facing a scenario that is constantly evolving, and being aware of the needs of the industry, we have set out to be active agents in preparing new digital talents through an innovative training process that is focused on practice, learning by doing, and with an intensive teaching method,” stated Diego Arias, the executive director of Desafío Latam.

Talento Digital is a public-private initiative by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor, the Servicio Nacional de Capacitación y Empleo, Sence (National Training and Employment Service), the Corporación de Fomento de la Producción, Corfo (Chilean Economic Development Agency), the Confederación de la Producción y del Comercio, CPC (Confederation of Production and Commerce), Sociedad de Fomento Fabril, Sofofa (Chile’s Manufacturers’ Association), the Asociación Chilena de Empresas de Tecnologías de Información A.G., ACTI (Chilean Association of Information Technology Companies A.G.), the Corporación de Empleo y Capacitación Sofofa (Sofofa Employment and Training Corporation, Fundación Chile, and Fundación Kodea.

Inspired by the successful TechTalent Pipeline experience and implemented in New York since 2014, it seeks training for the 21st century skills. So far, results show that 75% of graduates obtain jobs after graduation, with a 5% attrition rate. That is precisely one of the great innovations of Talento Digital, its employability goal is 70% and it has a number of companies that have already committed to hire some students as they finish their studies.

Application process:

The grant holders of this first phase applied between September and October 2019 at  It was an open call for Chileans or foreigners with residence in Chile, holders of a valid ID, over 18 years of age, having completed their secondary education, and with user level computer management. They also had to take and pass the Mathematical Logic Test (AMP), the Pre-Employment Test (DCT), and belong in either one of the following groups.

  • Be part of the 80% most vulnerable population according to the Chilean Home Social Registers.
  • Be unemployed or first-time employment seeker.
    • Earn an average  taxable income that does not exceed $900,000 monthly.

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