April 3, 2020

ChileGlobal Ventures partners with Google for Startups

• Fundación Chile's venture capital area becomes the first Chilean institution to belong to a community of 75+ institutions worldwide, with exclusive benefits for its portfolio.

In the spirit of continuing to increase the profits and value offering for our startups from our portfolio, we joined Google for Startups, being the first Chilean institution to be part of a community of 75+ startup accelerators, coworking spaces, and venture capital firms throughout the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

By belonging to the ChileGlobal Ventures portfolio, you unlock access to the Google for Startups partner network and the global community.

What is Google for Startups?

Google for Startups is a branch of Google that operates a global startup accelerator and other programs that help businesses grow. Google aims to help build and scale enterprise products using the latest technologies. 

They work with startups around the world through two main pillars:

Campuses: Google for Startups physical spaces provide: 

  • Access to the Campus coworking space. 
  • Entrepreneur-focused events. 
  • Technical programs
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Google for Startups Campuses are currently in London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Madrid, São Paulo, Warsaw, and Tokyo

Partner Network: The Google for Startups partner network is a global community of leading startup organizations working to grow business ecosystems around the world and help startups succeed.  

ChileGlobal Ventures is the first Chilean institution to belong to this great network of partners of 75+ institutions worldwide. Check out the institutions here.

Benefits for startups of the ChileGlobal Ventures portfolio:

1.-Offerings: through different tools, Google for Startups offers personalized support to the startups in its portfolio, including: 

  • Founders Lab: Over 65% of startups fail due to differences between co-founders. Founders Lab uses Google People Operations data and insights to help founders lay the foundation for successful teams. 
  • Growth Lab: Helps our startups address digital marketing and achieve customer acquisition goals. Through lectures and group sessions, Googlers teach how to achieve marketing goals using tools such as Google Ads and Google Analytics.
  • Mentoring: Google employees and global and regional Google development experts deliver 1:1 mentoring to our companies in different areas: design, product, people, growth, and technology. 

2.-ML Lab: Through different sessions, Google employees facilitate Machine Learning training sessions for our startups: 

  • ML Lab – Design: Introduces beginning participants to a design approach for framing even the most complex machine learning problems faced by startups.
  • ML Lab – Learn: Helps companies understand the Google Cloud Platform and TensorFlow API offerings in a guided and engaging coding experience. 
  • ML Lab – Build: Develops an ML working model to solve a real-world problem through the context of a 1-day hackathon with on-site mentoring. 

3.-Google Cloud Credits: Each of the companies that belong to the ChileGlobal Ventures portfolio can apply to receive up to USD $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase credits, for a period of 12 months. Google for Startups reserves the right of startups to be eligible for these benefits.


Meet ChileGlobal Ventures’ portfolio here 

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