July 12, 2019

Four New Schools Joined the Leading Schools Network

Jordi Longás, doctor in Pedagogy and academic of Universidad Ramón Llul at Barcelona was invited to address this yeat theme: the construction of socioeducational networks.

The Leading Schools Network (Red de Escuelas Líderes) had a busy week hosting regional seminars in Antofagasta and Valdivia, the Network’s national meeting in Santiago, and finishing off with the twelfth version of its International Seminar this past Saturday, June 29th.

This venture is promoted by Fundación Minera Escondida, Fundación Educacional Arauco, Fundación Educacional Oportunidad, El Mercurio, and Fundación Chile. The initiative was underscored by the Undersecretary of Education: “The Leading Schools Network exemplifies what we would like to see all through our school system: collaboration based on trust,” stated of Raúl Figueroa, while participating in a comradeship lunch held at El Mercurio.

The theme addressed this year by the organization was the construction of socio-educational networks. Hence, we were able to count with the visit of Jordi Longás, doctor in Pedagogy and academic of Universidad Ramón Llull at Barcelona. The goal of the socio-educational networks is to connect schools with actors from the public, private, and civil society that are easily approachable in order to generate synergies that contribute to a better education.

“The high expectations [of the students] are built communally,” said the Catalan expert, who added that “learning to work in a network is enormously valuable and not only practical. It is a way of looking at the world and the society”.

This year, four new schools joined the Network, after passing a rigorous selection process and competing with 60 national schools and liceums. The new members of the Network are Escuela Darío Salas from Arica, Escuela Santa Victoria de Huechuraba, Colegio Bélgica from Chiguayante, and Colegio Santa Marta de Valdivia. These schools joined the Network due to their innovative pedagogical projects that seek to improve the learning of their students.

“The Leading Schools Network is a venture based on the conviction and commitment of all its participants, on the advantages of collaborative work, having the students as their main concern,” said Hernán Araneda, Fundación Chile’s VP of Human Development, in a column published yesterday by El Mercurio.