Launch of Innovative TV Science Education Section to Accompany Children’s Home Learning

Science, innovation, and technology at the reach of children and young ones is the offer of the Educational Strip at the Canal TV Covid 19 (Covid 19 TV Channel), which was officially launched today and which will strengthen the Chilean television with the best scientific series and animations, all of which are part of the national educational curriculum. This way, children and youngsters will be able to complement their scholastic learning from their screens, in a friendly and entertaining manner.

This initiative, made possible by an alliance between the Consejo Nacional de Televisión (National Television Council, CNTV), Explora, Fundación Chile, Fundación Ciencia & Vida, and Fundación VTR, seeks to respond to the important challenges in education that are being experienced today, especially considering the current context of confinement. The strip will support the remote education process making available scientific content for kids in over 1 million households; providing access to free educational material to all Chilean families through Youtube Live, and improving the quality of educational content with a focus on science and technology by creating original and innovative content.

“We believe in a society where information and knowledge are the foundations of the development we all want for the actual and future generations. This is why Fundación VTR creates, produces, and distributes innovative and fun content on science, technology, and innovation, for free and of great value that are not massively available on local screens,” stated Cyntia Soto, Fundación VTR’s Executive Director.

Programs such as Por La Razón y la Ciencia (Through Reason and Science) have some very unique features that make this content a distinct contribution. In only one-minute animated shorts, innovative pedagogical resources are presented, which through their vintage aesthetics, an entertaining and intelligent script, and creative animation, address educational and current issues according to the learning objectives and levels stipulated by the Ministry of Education. For instance, the episode ¿Por qué el ser humano reina el mundo? (Why do Humans Rule the World?) encourages questioning the special characteristics of our abilities. The content corresponds to the Science and the Universe unit of Social Sciences for 5th graders.

Among the many other outstanding contents of the strip, children between the ages of 6 and 9 will be able to learn and enjoy programs such as Los Experimentos de Otto y Volta (Otto and Volta’s Experiments), that seeks to promote the use and care of renewable energies in the youngest through their original characters. Or the Axon series, which through Motion Graphic animations introduces children between 9 and 12 to the fantastic world of the brain, its structure, and fascinating secrets.

For older kids, the strip premieres Exploradores del Átomo al Cosmos (Explorers from the Atom to the Cosmos), a series meant for youngsters between the ages of 12 and 18, inviting them to learn about the most important breakthroughs and feats in the Chilean science, to explore the cosmos, the ocean, our territory, and our mental and physical health; a research that will awaken creativity, scientific vocation, and contribute to our cultural identity.

Pablo Rosenblatt, Director of the Eureka Program at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, states that “we are interested in participating in this initiative as founding partners, contributing to an essential and relevant task such as the education of science in times of pandemics; with high quality audiovisual content in a new and bold commitment of the Chilean TV.  This is an alliance that we celebrate and hope becomes long-term, so we can plan ahead and have a positive effect on the future of our country. ”

Meanwhile, Andrea Osorio, Learning for the Future Director at Fundación Chile’s Center for Human Development, stressed the contribution made by this educational segment with a scientific focus, as a significant complement for children’s home teaching and learning. “We value this alliance, which makes available high-quality resources that will allow us to promote critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and global citizenship, all of which are essential abilities for today and the for the future, ” she said.

This Children’s Educational Strip with contents on science, innovation, and technology will be broadcasted every day from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:30 on the Covid-19 TV Channel, through the 800 HD, 100 SD signal, and throughout Chile via Youtube @vtrchile.

Collaboration and Life

This initiative is part of Colaboración y Vida (Collaboration and Life); how Fundación Chile has named the work it is deploying to respond to the health and economic crisis that resulted from the CoVid-19, by emphasizing agile, scalable, and socially impacting initiatives and solutions. We are certain that the only possible way to resolve this crisis and move ahead, is by doing so collectively. Learn more here.

t will be broadcasted every day from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:30 on the Covid-19 TV Channel, through the 800 HD, 100 SD signal, and throughout Chile via Youtube @vtrchile.

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