September 12, 2019

Representatives from the mining sector analyzed the challenges of recycling tires that are no longer in use in the industry

In order to anticipate to the entry into force of the decree that establishes tire collection and recycling goals – in the context of the Extended Producer Responsibility Law (known in Spanish as REP) – the Mining Council and Expande organized a first meeting where the challenges that the mining industry will face related to the matter were analyzed, as well as the importance of having technological solutions at a low cost and with a low impact on the environment.

The event, which was attended by Ricardo Irarrázabal, undersecretary of mining, Carlos Urenda, general manager of the Mining Council and Enrique Molina, executive director of Expande, took place within the context of the “Technology and Tire Recycling,” challenge in which some member companies of the Mining Council participate.

During the day, Ricardo Irarrázabal, undersecretary of mining, referred to the scope of the REP Law and said that “the recycling of tires no longer in use will imply a greater organization in the industry that allows to generate more flexible mechanisms and with better technology so that the costs are not so high.”

According to Carlos Urenda, general manager of the Mining Council, “in the mining industry we know that our tire layout is adequate, regulated and monitored, but we also acknowledge that it could be done differently and in a better way. That’s why we decided to take care of it and be part of the solution.”

The executive also added that “challenges like this make perfect sense to be approached collaboratively. This model that we are testing can give us results in the future to meet other multiple challenges we have in sustainability.”

Enrique Molina, executive director of Expande, emphasized that “the industry is still on time to find the best solutions for this great challenge that we are facing towards 2021, the year in which the decree will come into force and in which at least 25% of the tires placed on the market in the immediately preceding year must be recycled.”

“Today and through the challenge we launched in June and for which we received more than 30 applications, we are giving the opportunity to companies that qualify to present their value propositions to the mining companies that are members of the Mining Council. Although the process will not be binding, it could be used by mining companies as a pre-qualification stage for future tenders,” Molina concluded.