Ayllú Solar

Ayllú Solar is part of the initiatives of the territorial networks of schools that, from the use of the Project-Based Learning (PBL) methodology, addressed the development of innovation skills around territorial opportunities.

The initiative, which was developed since 2017 and ended in June, 2020, seeked to contribute to the development of capacities in people and communities, so that the Arica and Parinacota Region achieves sustainable development through the use of solar energy.

Ayllu Solar Escuelas presented a challenge to the school community: to learn more about solar energy and the potential of their region. This was worked on with enthusiasm by all the actors of the school community, which together with the facilitators and the guidance of the Ayllu Schools team, managed to make this great project a reality. The tools were transferred and Ayllu is already in the minds of hundreds of students, teachers and citizens who day by day put their hearts into building the future of the region.

Ayllu Solar bet on school students to promote the knowledge and appropriation of solar energy, generating a more significant and contextualized learning of the solar reality on their Region, seizing its exceptional conditions to make use of the sun’s energy: the highest solar radiation in the world and clean skies year-round.

Today, once the project is finished, the educational community has a new appreciation for the use of solar energy and the great potential that exists in their region. Through the active network of schools and teachers, Ayllu Solar irradiated the entire educational system of the region of Arica and Parinacota.



Urban and rural schools in Arica and Parinacota have introduced the PBL methodology.


Teachers trained in PBL methodology.

+ 1350

Students have had the experience of learning with projects.

Implementation of solar technologies in schools to use and learn about solar energy

Training local educational leaders to accompany schools in implementing PBL

Strategic Alliances

The Solar Energy Research Center, SERC Chile, is a FONDAP program (Funding for Research Centres in Priority Areas) ran by Conicyt (National Commission for Science and Technology Research). Its main goal is to become a world-leading institution in the research of solar energy, with a special focus in developing the energy potential at the Atacama Desert.

The origin of this project is the great potential that the Norte Grande (Chile’s far north) has for the generation of solar electric power, in addition to its use in photovoltaic and thermal applications, due to the high levels of solar radiation that the region receives and the clarity of its skies. 

SERC Chile is the main executing institution of the Ayllu Solar initiative in alliance with Fundación Chile.

BHP Foundation seeks to address some of the most critical global sustainability challenges the world faces today.

The BHP Foundation’s global programs focus on natural resource governance, environmental resilience, and educational equity.

The program in Chile is focused on supporting the development of the potential of young people through education, improving the capacity of organizations and groups to participate in decision-making, and enhancing the resilience of communities before environmental change.

Roadmap of the Project

APRIL 2019

60 teachers from the 34 multilevel rural schools that exist in Arica and Parinacota are trained in PBL by Ayllu Solar.

APRIL 2019

The last cycle of PBL school training begins, involving eight urban schools and eight rural schools.

MARCH 2019

15 educational establishments from Arica receive their solar seal and join the Network of Solar Schools.


Training in solar entrepreneurship begins for teachers in technical high schools in the Region of Arica and Parinacota.


Geogrow, Rentadrone, and Endurance Electric are the names of the three winning initiatives in the second edition of “La Fiebre del Sol.”


The fourth cycle of school training in PBL begins with the participation of six establishments in Arica.

JUNE 2018

Presentation of the first study of labor gaps in the Arica and Parinacota Region: “Solar energy in Arica and Parinacota: development

MAY 2018

Opening of the second edition of “La Fiebre del Sol”. 50 undertakings participated in this call.

APRIL 2018

The experience of implementing the PBL at the Pablo Neruda High School (under Aylú Solar), is featured in the United States by the specialized organization High Quality Project Based Learning (HQPBL).

APRIL 2018

The Network of Solar Schools, a pioneering initiative in the Region of Arica and Parinacota, was launched with the grant of the Solar Seal to nine schools that participated in Ayllu Solar.

MARCH 2018

The third cycle of school training in PBL begins, with the participation of nine municipal and private subsidized educational establishments.


Announcement of the three “La fiebre del sol” winning ventures: Suncast, Cryptosolar, and Osoji Solar.


Launch of the first call for solar projects in the Arica and Parinacota Region “La Fiebre del Sol”. In total, 48 enterprises applied.


Beginning of the second cycle of PBL school training. Three schools participate: Rómulo Peña, Manuel Rodríguez, and Esmeralda.

JUNE 2017

First Solar School Fair is held. There, the schools participating in Ayllu Solar showed the community the projects developed by their students.

MARCH 2017

First PBL training cycle begins for teachers from six schools in the city of Arica: Liceo Pablo Neruda, Escuela América, Escuela Tucapel, Colegio Centenario, Escuela Humberto Valenzuela, and Escuela República de Israel.

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