ELEVA is a public-private initiative that seeks to contribute toward encouraging the future of mining, raising people’s capacities and opportunities, and fostering a pertinent and quality technical vocational education and training at all levels.

The program seeks to connect the training world with the mining industry’s need for qualified human capital through three main lines:

  • Advising training institutions directly (Technical-Professional Secondary Schools, Technical and Vocational Training Centers, and Technical Skills Organizations), granting tools that allow a curricular alignment according to the Mining Qualifications Framework.
  • Training educators and directive teams, so they are able to generate training offers consistent with the mining industry.
  • Generating regional collaboration networks, to tackle common professional technical training challenges.


In Chile there are over 200,000 people working in Great Mining and a high percentage of the required staff needs to fulfill technical-professional profiles.

Currently, the connection between the needs of the productive sector and the skills and knowledge that are developed in the training world are not sufficiently connected. This implies that graduates have lower than expected options to obtain internships and even lower of obtaining jobs in the industry.

In addition, the possibilities for mining companies to find people with the appropriate skills and knowledge are equally low. In general, they must invest resources in re-train graduates in technical education according to their own requirements, which has a direct impact on the productivity and hiring costs.

International evidence shows that in order to have efficient work training systems, three key aspects have to be taken into consideration: Connection between the training and productive worlds, labor and training standards, and quality assurance systems.

So, this is how Eleva came to be in 2017: to deepen and extend the impact of the job of the Mining Skills Council focused on improving technical and professional training.


Eleva is the first experience in Chile of implementing Sectoral Qualifications Framework, a tool that connects the training sphere with the needs of the industry.

Eleva is an experience of a collaborative work network in TVET training, with the participation of the public, productive, and formative spheres.

Over 50 Technical and Vocational Training institutions in mining are supported to improve their training processes’ relevance and quality for our national talen

Eleva considers piloting an innovative work practices model that promotes learning in the workplace, with tutors specially trained for this purpose. More than 20 young people have gone through the Eleva-CCM work practices model in leading companies of the mining industry.

50% of young people have been hired in the companies they have carried out their internships, and 80% are working in the mining industry.

7 programs of the Eleva network institutions’ have obtained the CCM (Consejo de Competencias Mineras, the Mining Skills Council) quality seal, granted by the Mining Council.

“Eleva in these three years of implementation, has proven to be an innovative model to improve the quality and relevance of technical vocational training in our country.This model can be replicated in other industries, contributing to the development of the talent required by Chile”
 , Gabriela Navarro, Director of Technical Workforce Education at FCH

Program’s Roadmap

APRIL 2017
Launching of Eleva Program
JULY 2017

First territory in action: Coquimbo


Launching of the second territory: Antofagasta


Third territory: Tarapacá


TSO receives its first CCM Quality Seal

APRIL 2018

10 Technical-Professional Secondary Schools from central Chile join the Eleva Network.

JUNE 2018

Launching of the ELEVA Territorial Collaboration Networks


The Eleva work practices pilot culminates with all the youths hired in Antucoya.


Students from Antofagasta participate in an unprecedented Eleva-Finning work practices pilot program.


Eleva launches studies focusing in at-work articulation and learning


This initiative, with the support of the Programa Nacional de Minería Alta Ley is co-designed and implemented by Fundación Chile and strategic partners Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Mining, Corfo, Mining Skills Council, Mining Council, and SENCE.

Our commitment is global. This initiative contributes to:

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