The Chilean Plastics Pact releases data report as a baseline to track progress on its four 2025 targets

  • This document aims to determine, based on historical information provided by the Pact’s members, their initial status in regards to the initiatives’ four targets as part of the Pacts’ Global Network.
  • The report will also allow for a general understanding of the planned actions and the trends of change that would be aggregated subsequently.

Circula el Plástico, the new name for the Chilean Plastics Pact presented its first data report, sharing as a baseline, the Pacts’ members consolidated results for the year 2019.

Based on historical information provided by the Pact members, this document intends to determine their initial status regarding the initiative’s four targets for 2025:

  • Taking action to eliminate unnecessary and problematic single-use plastic packaging through redesign and innovation.
  • Designing 100% of plastic packaging be to recyclable, reusable, or compostable.
  • Effectively recycling, reusing, or composting 1/3 of all domestic and non-domestic plastic packaging.
  • Averaging 25% in recycled content for both plastic containers and packaging among their different formats.

On the other hand, it seeks a general understanding of the Pacts’ planned actions and the aggregated trends towards change. This will allow planning, modifying, and implementing a course of action adjusted to the actual needs, hence achieving satisfactorily the established goals.

“We are very pleased to present the consolidated data for 2019 in relation to the targets we committed to as an initiative. Mainly, because it provides a baseline to measure the Pact’s progress and the actions that the members are implementing in their own organizations, while complying with the current free competition rules. By the end of 2021, we will have our second Report with the 2020 data. It will allow us to measure in figures the progress achieved with the launching of the Roadmap in January 2020. Moreover, this information is a great resource to review our initiatives according to our progress or the national context; which has been marked by new regulations or the launch itself of the Circular Economy Roadmap by the Ministry of the Environment”, is the statement of Antonia Biggs, Director for the Chilean Plastics Pact explained.

Ms. Biggs added that the quantitative data allows understanding the initial state of the Pact in view of its targets, where she underscores the following achievements:

  • Target 1: Reduction of 745 tons of problematic plastic products, corresponding to 184 million units.
  • Target 2: 67% of plastic containers and packaging have been designed to be recyclable in practice.
  • Target 3: Unlike the other targets, Target 3 has a nationwide goal, and therefore, it is measured in that scale. Therefore, the national recycling rate of plastic containers and packaging was 6.7% for the assessed period.
  • Target 4: On average, the Pact members’ individual portfolio contains a 5.2% of recycled plastic, considering its use in primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging.

“In addition to the figures above, the report includes, the actions –qualitatively- carried out by the Pact’s partner companies such as producers, processors, and managers during 2019. This undoubtedly marks a positive milestone and is in line with what all of the Network’s Pact members are doing at a global scale throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania,” concludes Antonia Biggs.

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