Chilexpress presents Sustainability Strategy together with FCh

Chilexpress will reduce 30% of its carbon footprint within the coming years, the courier company announced during the launch of its sustainability strategy released today, together with Fundación Chile. 

Chilexpress’ sustainability strategy contains concrete measures and commitments to minimize the company’s impacts on the environment, in order to strengthen its commitment to society and the environment.

One of the main subjects of the strategy is related with pollution and the carbon footprint generated by the transportation of envelopes and packages.

By 2020 we intend to reduce by 30% the carbon footprint of each envelope and package that we transport. In addition, we will reduce by more than 90% the particulate matter emissions generated by our pickup trucks and other delivery vehicles, which will be a significant contribution to the decontamination of different cities of Chile and the environment in general”, said Alfonso Díaz, general manager at Chilexpress . 

To develop this strategy, Chilexpress was counseled by Fundación Chile which whom it signed alliance to work together in order to secure the fulfillment of the commitments assumed and to monitor their progress over time.

«»This initiative is very relevant in the sense it pushes the private sector’s boundariesbeyond the legal obligations regarding sustainability. We tend to focus too much in the short term and it is remarkable that Chilexpress establishes ambitious goals for the long-term and concentrates in core issues such as the carbon footprint, energy consumption and the handling of materials and waste”, said Nicola Borregaard, manager of Energy and Climate Change at Fundación Chile.

Concrete measures

In this line, the company is renewing its pick-up trucks with new vehicles that contaminate less than 99% than the current ones. This is due to the Euro V standard for diesel engines – currently being used in Europe- that allows this new generation of vehicles to pollute even 5 times less than a conventional gasoline run car.

So far, the company has renewed 30% of its pick-up trucks and in less than 2 years, it will have half of the circulating fleet with particulate filters to control emissions and polluting gases. 

This new fleet is 20% more efficient in terms of fuel consumption.

To this measure, projects on aerodynamics, efficient driving, the incorporation biodiesel, the location of operating centers and the efficient design of main linesand distribution routes must be added.

In addition to reducing transportation pollution, Chilexpress is promoting the transformation of its operation centers. The idea is to make them “green operation points” -starting with the 10 most polluted cities in Chile- and they will have a delivery fleet with minimum emissions, a self-generation electricity systems and low energy consumption illumination, among other measures. 

The first of these centers will be located in downtown in Santiago and will open later this year. 

The company –that currently has a network of 370 centers and branches – also plans to use non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) at different points. Chilexpress is working together with the Agencia de Eficiencia Energética (Energy Efficiency Agency) to reduce or replace 30% of its electricity consumption with NCRE. 

In another subject matter of its strategy, the company is working with the company Triciclos to reduce by 90% of waste deliveredto landfills and to achieve a 55% level of recycling by 2020.

This will be complemented with programs and initiatives that facilitate the recycling of customers’ waste and of the communities in which the company operates.

Finally, Chilexpress is also developing a complete sustainable plan to direct its acquisitions towards products and companies that use materials and implement responsible and sustainable business practices.


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