Ed -Lab: International experts meet to take innovation to schools

Concepts such as innovation, creativity, design thinking and storytelling are increasingly more common in companies, being an important part of the business models of many organizations and of the entrepreneurial efforts of many people. And, although their benefits and impacts have been tested, they are still not commonly found outside of a company or in other areas, such as schooling.

As a way for these concepts and practices to reach Chilean schools and for its virtues to generate an impact on the learning outcomes of Chilean students, the Center for Innovation in Education and Fundación Chile’s  website EducarChile, organized the «»Ed -Lab Experience Workshop«» on June 11 and 12 at Fundación Chile. 

The meeting will be attended by 8 national and international experts, who have experience in various areas of innovation, including classroom creativity, design thinking applied to education, storytelling for teaching and learning digital resources. The event will be attended by more than 60 teachers and administrators from various parts of Chile.

These will be 2 days of intense existential learning, during which attendees will be able to learn each speaker’s the expertise topics and also reflect and talk with them about how to implement what they learn in their own environments. Teachers and principals will leave with specific tools and methodologies especially designed for them. 

The experts

The main speakers will be 4 international and 4 national experts: 

Lisa Petrides (Design Thinking):

Chairman and founder of the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and expert in Design Thinking. Her research and publications are at the forefront of innovation in education and in the use of open sources, social learning, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Megan Simmons (Digital Resources for Learning):

Education Program Director at ISKME, institution that supports the development of educational programs, workshops, training activities and events for the OER Commons project. Expert in open source educational software and in collaborative work among teachers. She has a degree on Environmental Science from the University of San Francisco and, before arriving at ISKME in 2008, she spent seven years working in education and education management programs in formal and informal contexts

Ismet Mamnoon (Creativity):

Ismet Mamnoon has a Master of Science for Creativity from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, New York. His interests are related to the application of creative solving of interpersonal relationship problems, with a specific emphasis on the relationship between parents and children. 

Bernard Robin (Storytelling):

Teacherfrom the College of Education at the University of Houston. His interests include teaching technology for the professional development of teachers, the design and development of community-based websites, educational uses of photography and video and the use of technology to support education in the health sciences.

Among the national experts that will be present, we can mention Gonzálo Plaza from Puentes Educacionales (Educational Bridges); Verónica Cabezas from Universidad Católica; Leonardo Muñoz from the Management of Innovation Program at Fundación Chile; and Carolina Galáz from La Caracola Workshop.

We expect that, on this occasion, participant teachers and administrators feel part of an immersion on innovation that allows them to improve their educational practices and the outcome of their students.


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