abril 4, 2014

Exhibitors FCH in Gastronomic Festival “Ñam 2014″»

This year the fourth version of “Ñam»», a food festival that will bring together the best of the kitchen from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. 

The event will be held “Ñam Innova»»; a series of short conferences held under the slogan: «»Ideas that feed the world.»» Ideas from innovation and under the framework of food, have been or are being a contribution to sustainable social and ethical development.

This year, the festival has closed important partnerships with institutions that have a strong social purpose as America Partnership, our Foundation and FAO. 

Under “Ñam Innova»» Paulina Sazo, Product Manager of our area of ??Food and Biotechnology will make a presentation called, «»Chilean Wild fruits with functional properties: Challenges and opportunities for innovation.”

While Axel Klimpel, Executive Director of the Center Tongoy of our foundation, will discuss about «»Aquaculture of marine fish, macro opportunities for northern Chile.»» 

For more information visit the Food Festival website