Important visits from Monterrey’s TEC come to FCh

During this week, we were visited by a delegation from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores (TEC or Technological and Superior Studies Institute) integrated by Sergio Serna, Director of the Biotechnology and Food Engineering department that runs the proteins center, and Jorge Welti, International Relations and Post-Graduate studies Vice-dean at TEC.

During their stay in our country, the visitors had the chance of see the aquaculture development centers in Tongoy (Coquimbo Region) and Quillaipe (Los Lagos Region). 

The meetings generated many opportunities to work together and a potential thematic agenda was defined for 2013-2014.

Among the topics discussed to promote together are: the development of functional foods, the fish production technological transfer to promote aquaculture, the application and development of bioprocesses for the production of extracts with high nutritional value for the food and nutraceuticals industry, the assessment of process technologies to extend shelf life of food, etc.

«»The visit was a success. Multiple synergies were generated to promote both institutions’ know-how, and also the relationship between the work teams was strengthened«» explained Olivia Valdés, project manager of Food and Biotechnology at our Fundación.


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