Launch of RÓMPELA invited the entire school community to innovate

Together with the Songsmith application module denominated «»Learning Through Music«», the Center for Innovation in Education at Fundación Chile and the plataform launched RÓMPELA, a project to develop education innovation through a series of activities during the year.

The School Piloto Pardo from the commune of Santiago was chosen for the official launch of the program, where attendees got to know the application module under the guidance of professor Sandra Berríos. Enthusiastic fifth graders discovered and took-in a new way of learning poetry by singing the poem «»Yo no te pido«» (Im not asking) by Mario Benedetti, a renowned Uruguayan writer.

Young 10 year old, Javier Salinas, explained how the program works, and said «»learning this way is much more entertaining, and less boring than reading a book, and the idea is to put together several poems being sung to make a record to end of the year«».

The manager at the Center for Innovation in Education of Foundation Chile, Ana María Raad, had the chance to present the proposal to the entire educational community emphasizing that «»the best place to build an innovative society that comes up with new solutions to old problems, is the classroom. It is here where we make a difference so that all students can reach their potential and improve their learning. Education is the hinge that allows us to move forward with conviction towards an innovative society«» she said.

Beneficiaries of this groundbreaking activity will be the more than 2 million users of, who will be able to access innovation contents, participate in workshops, courses and seminars that will be provided under this RÓMPELA initiative.

The next noteworthyactivity is the international seminar «»Enseñar para todos: Métodos creativos y estilos de aprendizajes diversos«» (Teaching for all: different creative methods and learning styles) givenby Dr. Bernice McCarthy who shall introduce her 4MAT method to enrich learning and the creativity of students.

Simultaneously, there will be an EdLab June 11th and 12th at Fundación Chile, workshops where 60 teachers from Red de Profesores Innovadores (Innovative Teacher’s Network) will be able to replicate the acquired innovation knowledge.

We invite you to learn more about RÓMPELA and be part of the group of innovators.

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