julio 8, 2014

Patricio Meller: The new President of Fundación Chile

The new President of Fundación Chile, Patricio Meller, was officially elected today during the First Board of the current government. Meller has extensive research in economic issues, analysis, and policy proposals.

Patricio Meller has a PhD degree in economics from the University of California, Berkeley, also he is a civil engineer from the Universidad de Chile. In his professional career, he has been Executive Director of CIEPLAN, also he has taught at Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, and at some foreign universities as Boston University and The University of Notre Dame (Kellog Institute).

Patricio Meller has been consultant to IDB, OECD, World Bank, UNCTAD, WIDER, and ECLAC, among others. His thematic points to the issues related to international trade in Latin America, the distribution problem and the social question, the Chilean export model, analysis and outlook for copper, development strategies for Chile and the role of natural resources, and higher education, which have been part of the titles of his books and articles published nationally and internationally.

The Board 2014 of Fundación Chile is composed by the following directors, who are appointed by the government: Patricio Meller, Eduardo Bitran, María Elena Boisier, Joaquín Cordua, Cristina Paz Orellana and Jorge Echeñique. The directors by BHP Billiton are Bernardita Méndez, María Olivia Recart, Osvaldo Urzúa, Claudia Peirano, Rafael Guilisasti and Cleve Lightfoot. The registrar is Oscar Agüero.