Seminar highlighted the opportunity to develop microalgae industry in Chile

In order to teach the benefits of microalgae, the company AeonBiogroup, Aquasolar, and Fundación Chile – funded by CORFO – held on Thursday the «»II International Seminar of Microalgae: A new nutrition for mankind «», covering the industry of microalgae from a broad perspective. The event was attended by the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Tushar Gandhi, who from the Gandhi Foundation is the official sponsor of Spirulina in the world. Also was present the American expert, Mike Méndez, Manager of América Solidaria in Chile, Benito Baranda, the President of the Corporation for Child Nutrition CONIN Fernando Mönckeberg, among other exhibitors.

Tushar Gandhi, spoke about the opportunity he saw in Chile, «»We have to discover a new world. We need to do this better, more innovative world for generations to come in order for them to have a different world.  One has to go where one has never before reached, that is innovation, thats the greatest challenge of our time. When we speak of Spirulina in Chile is not only about processing, but growing it and saying: This is Chilean spirulina «»he said.

Meanwhile, Marcos Kulka, CEO of Fundación Chile, gave a corporate look about it, “Fundación Chile seeks to generate innovation and entrepreneurship through projects that make the country more competitive. In this it is essential to talk about the potential of microalgae industry in Chile and in the world, evaluating the different perspectives, opportunities and challenges to transform them into a competitive source of nutrition for humans,“ he said.

Sergio Aravena agreed with Kulka, stating that, «»we need to increase the critical mass of companies that are innovating, companies that want to move the border as possible through such projects,»» said the coordinator of business innovation of CORFO.

Regarding the multiple benefits of Spirulina to humans – strengthens the immune system through nutrition; preserves muscle mass and improves muscle-fat ratio over time; detoxifies the body through chlorophyll and phycocyanin; prevents damage by oxidative stress with antioxidants; improves mental acuity and memory; improves digestion prebiotic effect; the director of Conin Chile, Fernando Mönckeberg, referred to the importance of incorporating this type of nutrients in the diet of children.  

«»The diagnosis matches. The basic problem is the beginning of life, when nutritional requirements are very specific.  If we are able to solve this issue there will be on track. In Chile was possible to achieve in 20 years the damage of the first 5 years of life to be able to respond to current demands, «»said Mönckeberg were controlled.

Meanwhile, Benito Baranda, President of América Solidaria in Chile, referred to the cases of countries suffering from malnutrition and experience in América Solidaria. «»Our projects seek to be projects of justice, equality and social integration. We generate messages of reflection and awareness of the needs and wealth of our continent. I build networks of social transformation and to America, «»he said.

Likewise, the General Manager of AEON BIOGROUP Chile of the company Aquasolar concluded the seminar by referring to the Spirulina as an obvious opportunity for the country «»from different angles we saw that the Spirulina is an opportunity to improve malnutrition in the population, also a superfood that could be the key in the development of cognition and education at home and spice a challenge to the domestic industry due to the great potential to be produced in Chile, «»he said.


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