enero 6, 2014

Chilehack: Developers program 24 continuous hours to create new apps

Programs of Chile met for 24 hours with a single objective: to develop the best application for Windows Phone and Windows 8. The initiative was developed in the facilities of Inacap Professional Technical Institute, located at the headquarters of Santiago Centro, during January 4th and 5th.

Similarly, this «hackathon»-term used for the meeting of programs in order to develop a software in 24 hours-organized by our Foundation and sponsored by Nokia, Microsoft and Inacap, awarded to the best applications in the social, entertainment , education and Windows 8 categories.

The award for the best application received a check for $ 1.5 million, which was awarded to «Timbakung», an application that consists of a professional digital percussion instrument that allows the musician to use only one tablet to play. It also has 15 sensitive areas that produce the sounds of a bongo and a pair of congas. In turn, contains key minor percussion sounds such as bells, maracas and guiro seeds.

The winner of the contest ChileHack 2014 Mowgly Schwarzwildbirsch said that «currently there are many video games and social networking apps, and while the application I developed seems simple, it’s something different than what almost everyone does in hackatones. Also, «Timbakung» is a program that still needs work, but is an application that has a professional target market. «

Meanwhile, the project manager of Fundación Chile, Diego Torres, said: «This event is one of several initiatives that we have been developing this year in the MobileLab program, which seeks to promote the development of applications that positively impact the society.” Similarly, the Executive added, “it leaves us very happy the good attendance we had and the excellent quality of the applications developed in these 24 hours. In addition, during this year we will continue doing contests to find the best ideas that have international presence, thanks to the support given to us by Nokia and Microsoft. «

The other awards were: socially, “Fiestómetro» which measures the decibels emitted in space to assess noise pollution; entertainment level, «Sofability», which organizes what the user wants to read in a personal way; level of education, «Objects and Words» which helps children to recognize common objects in an entertaining way, and as best Windows 8 application, «Timbakung”.

For more information on ChileHack and initiatives to be undertaken during 2014, visit the website