octubre 18, 2013

EcoBase: the new initiative to optimize the food and wine industry’s sustainability

This Thursday October 17th, the EcoBase project was released at ProChile’s facilities. Representing Fundación Chile attended Nicola Borregaard, manager of Energy and Climate Change; Cristián Emhart, product sustainability director and Michelle Senerman, project manager of that same area.

The connection of the food industry with the environment is increasingly dependent, since it is based on the acquisition of supplies and raw materials to produce safe and quality food products for the final consumer.

In this scenario, the EcoBase project is created with the purpose of developing an environmental information management system for the analysis of the life cycle -through a technological platform- in order to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the export food and wine industry.

The main entities involved in EcoBase are: ProChile, MMA, Minagri, Fedefruta, Chilealimentos, Exporlac, Salmón Chile, Asoex, AmiChile, Vinos de Chile, Movi and CENEM.  Fundación Chile is also a beneficiary and Universidad de Talca and the Universidad de la Frontera are co-executors.

Even though there has been significant progress, there are also great challenges to further progress on the incorporation of the sustainability indicators agreed by the collaborators, as a support in decision-making within the production stages and throughout the entire value chain of products” explains Cristian Emhart, director of Product Sustainability at Foundation Chile.

The project will implement a platform and database to facilitate the sustainability assessment and report on a product level (considering the entire chain of production) to different companies and sub-sectors of the export food and wine sectors, according to the different requirements of the international markets.

This initiative will include user manuals and tools such as calculators, so that companies may independently measure their sustainability performance. Similarly, the initiative proposes the development of methodology for data collection and inventory development.