julio 7, 2014

Efizity: pioneers in analysis and reporting of energy consumption

Efizity is a technology development company in the area of energy efficiency and sustainability that comes with early support of Fundación Chile. The project seeks to use the information to create awareness energy consumption in homes and businesses and encourage them to generate an efficient use of water and energy.

The company has developed a technology platform that collects monthly energy consumption of one or more branches or households and, in turn, develops indicators to manage both consumption and compare these with the consumption of equivalent agents.

The project supported by our foundation achieves that households and businesses can count on simple and useful information, which will enable them to take control of your expenses and, likewise, contribute to preserve the environment.

Portfolio manager of Entrepreneurship Fundación Chile, Juan Orlandi says «Efizity entered into the incubator program through the Green Start-up competition held with focus on innovative entrepreneurship friendly to the environment. In a short time, this initiative has proved to be a contribution of significant value to its first clients, within which already includes renowned banks with hundreds of branches. Efficiency, sustainability, and reducing operating costs are spots that we share with Efizity, and being a venture project, further aligns with the mission of Fundación Chile»

Meanwhile, partner and co-founder of Efizity, Cristian Wolleter, said «We realized that both households and businesses do not have information about the high or low energy consumption, since they only receive the monthly bill. That is why we decided to create Efizity, as a way to deliver energy information of value to homes and businesses, and thus help them understand their consumption and be able to perform an energy management efficiently»

From the environmental point of view, the benefits of this initiative are to a decrease in the use of water, energy and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the project seeks to create awareness in the population about the ecosystem and the establishment of a culture of savings in homes and businesses.

In the commercial sector the company already has contracts with energy management institutions like Banco Bci, Chilexpress, and Duoc UC. While in the residential sector the company participates in the «My Sustainable Neighborhood» initiative in conjunction with the distribution of water Essbio and the Fundación Gestión Vivienda. This project is based on an innovative environmental education program for social condos where Efizity provides a monthly report to each household, which consists of comparing the own water with similar neighbors, also including relevant advice about energy efficiency.