enero 15, 2014

Fundación Chile launched the ECOBASE project, the new tool which allows knowing the life cycle of food.

The story behind the food every day becomes more important. At the same time, there is greater awareness among consumers, businesses, and governments around the importance of detailed knowledge of the lifecycle of food. In this scenario, our Foundation launched the ECOBASE project, which with the participation of the Minister of Economy, Felix De Vicente, and the Executive Director of CORFO Innovation, Conrad Von Igel.

The ECOBASE program seeks to become in the first environmental calculator of the country, which will measure the sustainability of products. This initiative positioned Chile as a leader at Latin American and global level in sustainability of food terms.

The initiative was presented yesterday by the Energy and Climate Change area of Fundación Chile, which has the support of CORFO and the Universidad de La Frontera as co executor and ProChile, MMA, MINAGRI, FEDEFRUTA, Apa-Asprocer, Chilealimentos, Exporlac, Salmón Chile, Asoex, AmiChile, Vinos de Chile, and Movi CENEM are actively involved as partners.

“ The consumers and international markets not only evaluate the cost of the tariff to import their products into our market, but now will greatly influence sustainability, the seal and commitment with the community, and the environment in which we live.” said the Ministry of Economy, Felix de Vicente.

At the same time, the minister added that “Fundación Chile has been distinguished in the leadership of this initiative, which is highly important to the community due to the project helps future competitiveness in the food industry. All this implies a value generation for development and economic growth in the future, because a country grows mainly with innovation and productivity. «

On the other hand, the Manager of Energy & Climate Change of Fundación Chile, Nicola Borregaard, said: «This initiative is a true commitment to sustainability, due to its aims to the radical transparency of products in the market, both for consumers and producers. » The executive added, “ECOBASE provides credible and quality information for the guidance of consumers and producers, that is to say, the consumer can decide which product to buy and the producer may choose how to produce.»

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of CORFO Innovation, Conrad Von Igel, said “ECOBASE is a project that is part of public property because it makes available information that is necessary to make a sector to develop. Additionally, the initiative also helps strengthen an ecosystem that benefits from various sectors and, therefore, the project turns out to be fundamental. All this helps to innovation and not only in the entrepreneurship area, but also to the economic and social development on the food industry.”

On the occasion, also participated the Executive Director of Wageningen UR Chile, Marian Geluk, who referred to responsible consumption and trends in Europe and in the world. In addition was present the CEO of Intesal, Matías Medina, who explained the challenges of the production and health situation of the salmon industry.

Similarly, it was emphasized that the aim of this project is to develop a platform and database to facilitate the measurement and reporting of product sustainability -considering the entire chain of production -, to different companies and subsectors of the food and wine export sector, according to the different requirements of international markets.

Also, this technological platform will include manuals and tools like calculators, so that companies can measure independently their performance of sustainability. The initiative proposes the development of a methodology for data collection and the development of inventories.


Descarga presentación de Marian Geluk