julio 18, 2013

Implications for the public and private sectors regarding biodiversity

Today, FCh organized the international seminar «Business and Biodiversity» to discuss where the world stands on biodiversity and which are the opportunities, risks and benefits of investing in nature conservation in our country, which also meant the release of Chilean this initiative within the frame of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

On the occasion, experts talked about the experience that public and private companies in Chile have on these issues and explored the opportunities of creating an initiative of this kind in the country.

«At Fundación Chile we are always concerned about developing innovation and we want to provide an approach between biodiversity topics and the companies that are interested in achieving economic value through taking good care of the environmental,» said Marcos Kulka, General Manager/CEO at Fundación Chile. «We hope that people in the modern world give a meaningto biodiversity, where food and energy are part of the future of human survival,» he added. 

Meanwhile, the Minister of Environment, María Ignacia Benítez, assured that «this is an opportunity to understand what the private sector can do to care for biodiversity. Through this seminar we will be able to see concretely what we can do and what the private sector can contribute in this matter«. 

All activities have a direct or indirect impact on biodiversity and currently the businesses’ operations contribute to the exponential loss of biodiversity. «We want to achieve a harmonious relationship between the development of companies and natural resources. Business and biodiversity must go hand in hand, so this is a highly relevant issue for a country like Chile«, said Juan Ramon Candia, Manager of Water and Environment at Fundación Chile.