abril 10, 2014

The Fundación Chile Innovum Study reveals that the sector of mining suppliers employs 13.7% of the population.

Through a seminar framed by Cesco Week, Innovum of our Foundation presented the results of the Study of Mining Suppliers 2014, a publication that seeks to be a contribution to understand better the sector and their business and technological capabilities.

The study, which identifies between its main results that the supplier sector employed more than a million workers by 2012, which represents 13.7% of the working population of the country, was launched at the Suppliers and Mining Seminar: Motor de Innovación y Desarrollo País, organized by InnovumFCH and Cesco.

In that opportunity key industrial data was revealed, such as that 60% of companies in the sector increased its endowment of own workers, and 40% of them have a professional or technical degree, which is proved superior to national average reaching 26% only. It was also noted that in the sector, which has registered sales to mining by US$20,000 million, only 34% of companies export goods.

Hernán Araneda, Manager of InnovumFCH, emphasizes the importance of a study of this kind on the sector: «This publication is a contribution to better understand the market for mining suppliers. Through its size, level of professionalism, exports, market diversification, type of products that they sell and qualities related to innovation, and generation of new knowledge, we can establish what should be the key to support their growth and sophistication, so that translating it into further development for the sector and then for the country. «

In terms of innovation, our study Innovum of our Foundation revealed that the sector has high rates of innovation, far exceeding the levels seen in the mining and national industry. It was recorded that 25% of companies surveyed for the publication were classified as essential innovative companies with high level of innovation and capabilities to develop new technologies and equipment.

Juan Carlos Guajardo, Executive Director of Cesco, referred to the role of the sector. «It is increasingly clear the need to articulate industry suppliers of goods and services for mining as a basis for the development strategy based on innovation in the country. Cesco Week is a great platform to address the most relevant issues for the mining industry and this is one of the most important issues today, «he said.

Download the Study of the Chilean Mining Suppliers: Characterization 2014 here