abril 2, 2014

Vitacura supports for the Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE)

In order to perform an energy assessment and estimate the NCRE potential in the Municipality of Vitacura; our Foundation along with the Swiss company Ernst Basler + Partner, conducted a study to define the strategies, goals and specific projects to boost in Vitacura a local energy development. 

The results of this study were announced on Wednesday, April 2nd in the central courtyard of the Municipality. 

Through analysis, the objective was to obtain the potential for production and supply of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Vitacura, aiming it to be more energy independent, economic and safe, for the supply of residential, public and private sectors. 

On the basis of diagnostic, five programs were identified and an action plan with different concrete projects was developed, including sustainable construction, and the production of electricity and thermal energy from solar energy, using new the sustainable technologies in the world. Also, an active participation of national and international companies to implement the action plan was achieved.

Within the promoted strategies is the Techo 30 + project, which in its first phase detected 30 greatest potential roofs for solar energy, and that is already implemented in the schools Amanda Labarca, Antártica Chilena and María Luisa Bombal.”The idea is that by 2030, 30% of energy (electricity and thermal) consumed in the municipality, would come from clean and renewable sources,» said Fernando Coz, Project Manager of Energy and Climate Change of Fundación Chile. 

«The Municipality of Vitacura aims an informed and conscious community about the energy efficiency and renewable energy, promoting initiatives in the energy issue in the coming years”, said Raúl Torrealba, Mayor of Vitacura.»The number of projects aimed at energy efficiency and generation through NCRE denotes that there is interest within the municipality for the energy and its impact on the environment,» he added.

On the other hand, Roger Walther, Regional Director for South America Ernst Basler + Partner, said that according to the study, the solar radiation in Vitacura is high, which could be used for the installation of technologies such as photovoltaics for electricity generation. «With the solar potential available, it can supply about 60% of the electricity demand of the municipality.” “The geothermal potential is an interesting NCRE potential for the production of thermal energy,” he added.