abril 24, 2014

We were visited by the Founder of HacKidemia

Stefania Druga is a former Googler, member of the Singularity University and defines itself as an architect of learning. One of the most important skills in learning new subjects and skills of the century, and today was our Foundation presenting his most important project: the HacKidemia.

In her words, the idea is changing the world through play and doing, for which she has taught countless workshops in which children around the world let their imagination run free and become creators; video game design, to transform flowers and fruit into drums, create interactive maps, robots and electronic toys among others. These are some of the dynamics that are developed in HacKidemia and that allow children to learn through experimentation.

With the activities of HacKidemia, Stefania, encourages children to be creators of technology and not just consumers. Through practical and mobile workshops, the children use their creativity to give solutions to the challenges which seem complex and are related to real-world problem solutions. We learn about the prototyping and collaboration, where the error is not a failure, but part of the learning.

«We must teach children to program, but they will be program», is one of the favorite phrases of Stefania, stressing the importance of conveying the idea of ??hacking as an activity to discover how things work and then to create from the own interests, both from the computer world and from the concrete experimentation.

Thus, the vision of HacKidemia, Stefania says “To enable and empower children to become creators and not consumers. We believe that children can solve problems in their local or global community through play, empathy and design.»

HacKidemia has conducted workshops in Bucharest, Paris, Berlin, Sofia, Dallas, Brazil and Nigeria. As part of her travels, Stefania was visiting Chile and gave a talk to various partners of Fundación Chile.