FCh searches for innovators to generate projects that contribute to the country’s growth

Breaking the paradigm that innovation belongs only to an elite, is what Fundación Chile is looking for in its new competition. «Jugados al 100 x Chile» is a public- private promotion program to discover and promote the talent of men and women from every corner of the country that contribute to transform and improve the quality of life of Chileans.

Those interested in participating in this pioneering initiative, can provide their datas through www.jugadosal100.cl until May 4. Subsequently, a jury will select the 100 leaders who will be trained in specific skills and under a methodology that provides the essential tools to turn ideas and projects into powerful businesses. 

The purpose of this training- which last for 17 weeks- is that the 100 leaders that are chosen and trained work on a project relevant to the country’s health, education, sustainability, community and urbanism problems. They will be divided into groups of three, chosen according to areas of interest and their knowledge. The authors of the winning project will travel to Silicon Valley.

The fundamental premise of this program is that innovation is an attitude, something anyone can achieve. «We are certain that Chile can become the innovation hub of South America. We know that in every corner of our country, there are people who find creative solutions to specific problems, solving and improving the quality of life of their neighbors, and their own. We want to go beyond the innovation frontier «, said general manager/CEO at Fundación Chile, Marcos Kulka.

How to participate

To participate, the interested must load into the website www.jugadosal100.cl, a three-minute video with the dream or idea they would like to become real. It must be related to the problems of the current Chile and its solution must impact a significant number of people. It is an essential requirement that the applicant have at least some previous experience in innovation. That is, having undertaken projects that have had a significant impact, either in their family, environment, community, company, business or country. 

Along with the video, a person must recommend the applicant as a potential innovation leader. The team of judges -comprised of professionals from Fundación Chile and other external collaboration networks that are part of the entity – will select 97 of the 100 leaders of innovation. The remaining 3 will be chosen by Fundación Chile’s social networks, through a public voting. Only applicants that agree to the publication of their profiles and ideas will participate in this project.

Applicants wanting to participate must be Chilean and of legal age (18 years). Foreigners must have a minimum three-year residency [in Chile]. 

Among the criteria that the judges will consider to choose the 100 leaders of innovation are the characteristics of the idea that the applicant would like to materialize, the pertinence of the challenge with the current reality of Chile, the subject matters of their interest and their knowledge about them and the ability to inspire others.


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