Fundación Chile reproduces congrio dorado (golden Cusk-eel)

Fundación Chile has reached a global impact on technological innovation for the Chilean aquaculture with the first reproduction of the golden cusk-eelcaptive in its premises at Quillaipe, Puerto Montt, Los Lagos Region. The eggs and larvae of the Genypterus blacodes have been successfully farmed in captivity. The broodfish captured in their natural environment have had an active response to live food, fresh and inert, as well as a rapid growth, and a good sanitary condition.

This achievement will create interesting business expectations for Chile in the coming years, since we are facing a species of great aquaculture potential«, said Andrés Barros, manager of the Food and Biotechnology department. 

The golden cusk-eelworld market can be described as own, very defined and of a long trajectory, rounding45 thousand tons annually. The main buyer is Spain, followed by Brazil, Hong Kong and Portugal. 89% of the loadinogs correspond to Argentina, New Zealand and Chile. Export prices of this fish in Chile (US$ FOB) range from US$5.5/kg for refrigerated fresh fish and US$ 4.2/kg for the frozen fish.

Fuente: Aqua


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