International Seminar on “Water Footprint, Opportunity to Create Shared Value”: Integrated Water Management in Companies.

Today, Fundación Chile (FCh) was present at the International Seminar on “Water Footprint, Opportunity to Create Shared Value”, which was organized by The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in the framework of Suizagua Andina Project.

The seminar included the participation of Axel Dourojeanni, Senior Expert in Water Management of FCh. He presented the international experience and the participation of FCh in the development of the International Standards for the Sustainable Water Management and its connection with the Suizagua Chile Project in the module: Water, Community, and Company.

In the same module the Project Manager of the Water Management of FCh, Claudia Galleguillos, explained the application and connection of Suizagua and AWS Standard in the CSR projects related with water that FCh boosts for the purpose ensuring compliance of an integrated water management in Chilean companies.

The seminar also includes: technical training workshops in Water Footprint and CSR by international organizations, and visits to Peruvian companies which are part of Suizagua.


More info about the project


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