Minister Laurence Golborne receives the first studies on the water highway project

Today in the morning, the Public Works Minister, Laurence Golborne, received the preliminary studies of a project to establish a water highway in the country, which would allow the transportation of water from the mouth of the rivers in the southern regions to the northern regions affected by a significant water deficit, through an undersea pipeline. In presentation of the AquAtacama project, the French Ambassador, Marc Giacomini, Álvaro Fischer, Chairman at Fundación Chile, our general manager/CEO, Marcos Kulka, and the most important executives from Vía Marina. 

Upon receiving the proposal, Minister Golborne made reference to the uses of water in Chile and the challenges that the country is facing to preserve the resource through its efficient and sustainable use. «It is very interesting to think that Chile has such a dissimilar a distribution of water. In the southern part of Chile we have abundance, and northern part of Chile has shortages. If we find an economical and technically feasible means to transport water from the south zone to the north zone, we could become a garden, we could have water for the communities, for the development of the industries necessary in the area«, he explained.

Meanwhile, Álvaro Fischer, Chairman at our Foundation, said «Chile always participates in high impact country initiatives seeking to go beyond of what is possible. That is why we have been involved since 2010 in the initial discussions with various of the institutions involved, even providing human and financial resources to carry out preliminary studies for the technical pre-feasibility of providing fresh water to the north of our country, through the AquAtacama project«.

On the other hand, Felix Bogliolo, executive of the company that conducted the studies explained «On average, Chile has more water per capita than most countries in the world. But this average combines two opposing situations: in the south, the unused surpluses of water are dumped into the sea; and, in the north, local shortages prevent the regions from their full potential development… This is what the AquAtacama project or water highway, proposes: transporting the south’s surplus water to promote economic and social development of Chile’s norte grande and norte chico«.


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