Shared challenge for mining job training

With the presence of the Minister of Mining, Aurora Williams, and the Deputy Secretary of Labor, Francisco Javier Díaz; and representatives from the world of education, work and other productive sectors, it is developed the seminar «Training for Work Talent: A shared challenge”, organized by the Mining Council and Innovum Fundación Chile.

The event was an important forum for sharing learning with other sectors experience obtained with the Mining Skills Council (CCM), the first Council of skills in the country, about collaboration between industries, workers, technical training institutions, and the State to address the shared challenge is to train talent for the job.

Also, the potential of the model sector skills councils and international trends for better development were discussed, and sought to identify the challenges and benefits of implementing a larger scale of this model in Chile.

On the occasion, the Minister of Mining, Aurora Williams, highlighted the contribution of the CCM and referred to how the government is addressing the challenges in training. For his part, the deputy secretary of labor, Francisco Javier Díaz, referred to the application of skills councils in our country.

The seminar also included presentations by Jack Mathews, director and co-founder of the International Skills Standards Organization (ISSO), who referred to the model of sector skills councils from an international perspective.

New labor force study and panel discussion

Meanwhile, the chief executive of the Mining Council, Joaquín Villarino, referred to the work done to date by the CCM and its upcoming challenges; while the manager of Innovum Fundación Chile, Hernán Araneda, presented relevant content of the latest study Labor Force Chilean Mining Industry 2013-2022, the third product of this type launched by the CCM, with projections of labor demand and gaps with respect to the supply. Both made a symbolic presentation to the present authorities.

Finally, a panel discussion about the challenges and potentialities of implementing a larger scale in Chile of the council skills model in several productive sectors was performed. The panel discussion was also addressed by Aldo Ciprino president of DICTUC, and Hernán Araneda manager of Innovum Fundación Chile, who presented a characterization of the training offer for occupational profiles of the mining industry, an issue that is also part of the latest labor force study.

The panelists were: Julio Salas, national director of SENCE; Gonzalo Vargas, president of the Association of Accredited Professional Institutes and Technical Training Centers; Alex Jaques, vice president of the Commission on Human Capital of the Mining Council; Andrés Aguirre, president of Aprimin; and Etiel Moraga, counselor of United Union of Workers.







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