abril 28, 2015


The company landed in Chile nearly three years ago as part of the second generation of the Corfo’s Strart-Up Chile Progrma. Very shortly after, it established a relationship with Fundación Chile, which along being integrated into our accelerator EmprendeFCh, we became the company’s first investors. It was this way that the grounds to obtain further funding with ALLVP (Mexico) and NXTP Labs (Agrentina) were built.

“The attraction of the best of Latin America into Chile, the integration with a development chain and the experience of being part of EmprendeFCh are relevant factors to become a case of success. These links create culture and learning, both of which attract new entrepreneurs”, says Andrés Pesce, FCh’s Business and Companies Manager.

The EmprendeFCh accelerator supports entrepreneurs in the execution of their business plans, giving them tools, resources, knowledge, and contacts for their projects.

Support and Counseling

The initiatives included in FCh’s Venture Platform, not only receive financial contribution through the SSAF Program, but also become part of the portfolio of companies that belong to the EmprendeFCh accelerator. It supports entrepreneurs in executing their business plans, giving them tools, resources, knowledge, and contacts to develop their projects. Similarly, the winners agree to give Fundación Chile a buy option up to 7% of the ownership of their company.

The accelerator currently has an open call for entrepreneurs “Piensa en Grande”, which seeks to summon high impact, innovative venture projects in early stages, to become part of the accelerator’s portfolio. Along with that, the chosen ventures will receive funding up to $60 million through the SSAF, granted by Corfo and managed by FCh.

The applications to “Piensa en Grande” are open until May 24.

Aventones: Efficiently Going to Work and Getting Back Home

“Aventones” makes available an online platform in which users of a particular organization post their routes and daily schedules, finding automatically the coincidences among other workmates and organizes shared carpooling. The system works through private networks and each organization has its own network in which only their members can participate. Besides working as a communication system, the software generates reports and statistics about the decrease of CO2 emissions, kilometers saved, reduction of traffic jams, reduces both parking and fuel expenses. In like manner, it reduces the carbon footprint of the company’s operation and promotes cooperation and teamwork among its collaborators.