abril 16, 2015

Mining expects to count with 250 World-Class chilean suppliers by year 2035

Nearly 200 assistants related to the mining sector attended the seminar “Providers and Mining: Towards an Economy of Knowledge” under the Cesco Week 2015. The meeting was jointly organized by Fundación Chile’s Innovum and Cesco.

The core of the seminar was the role of companies providing products and services in order to generate of innovation and technological development, addressing the international experience of countries that have managed to consolidate development models based on innovation and the creation of local technological capabilities.

“There is consensus in the country about the extraordinary opportunity that mining offers, as well as its challenges in competitiveness and sustainability to encourage the development of Chilean suppliers to be global leaders in technological solutions for the area. This consensus reflects on the aspiration to have at least 250 world-class Chilean suppliers to export US$ 10 billion by 2035”, said Hernán Araneda, Fundación Chile’s Innovum Manager.

Chile could be able to export US$ 10 billion by 2035 if it counts with these 250 World-Class suppliers.

The Chilean Minister of Economy, Luis Felipe Céspedes, with the Mining Sub-Secretary, Ignacio Moreno, delivered the inaugural speech, highlighting the incentive that the government has put into to the agenda regarding the development of world-class mining providers, and making a recognition that the sector represents a strategic focus for the country.

International experts in innovation, METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Services) development and natural resources from Australia, Korea, and Argentina; Nick Minchin, Consul of Australia in New York; Keun Lee, academic at Seul National University; and Anabel Marín, researcher of the Center of Investigation for Transformation CENIT, were responsible for presenting an analysis of international policies and measures that achieved a successful development based on natural resources.

“Being able to analyze the experience of how other countries have generated a base of innovation, knowledge and development around natural resources and an industry such as mining and its suppliers , allows to contrast it with the local situation and assess the opportunities and challenges that the country faces in this area”, said Juan Carlos Guajardo, Director of Cesco .

The seminar concluded with a Public-Private Dialogue, which was attended by Eduardo Bitran, Executive Vice-president of Corfo; Mauro Valdés, President of Fundación Chile’s National Mining Program; Carlo Pietrobelli, leading specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Competitiveness and Innovation Division; Gonzalo Rivas, President of the National Innovation Council for Development; Oscar Landerretche, Codelco’s Board of Directors President; Pamela Chávez, Aguamarina’s General Manager, and was moderated by Jorge Bande, CESCO’s Executive Director.

Innovum Fundación Chile is the executing institution of the Mining National Program powered by Corfo and the Chilean Mining Ministry, which aims to enhance productivity, competitiveness and innovation in the mining industry and its suppliers, in order to boost the country’s development.