20% of workers are in total engagement

A study that measures Engagement level allows knowing how energized, enthusiastic and passionate about their work people are. It was implemented at the end of 2014 for the first time in 19 companies, demonstrating that 20% of surveyed workers are in Total Engagement State.

This is a positive state that entails energy, enthusiasm, and concentration in the workplace, which is evidenced by an effective commitment and better work performance. Specifically, people with greater Engagement are passionate in their work; they are more energized and motivated. Therefore, they work more intensely and go beyond the formal boundaries of their positions. In addition, they are characterized by having positive emotions, becoming an occurrence that spreads throughout the workplace.

With an innovative study carried out in 19 Chilean companies, FCh measured the workers’ levels, which revealed that 20% of them are in a State of Total Engagement in the country.

This is one of the fastest growing concepts in the Human Resources industry in recent years, given that from the companies and the academic research, there is growing evidence that the Engagement level of companies is associated to their financial performance. In some organizations it is integrated as another business indicator.

“Measurement allows knowing the state in which workers are in regards to their energy levels and enthusiasm at work. Given Engagement is related to the last-line results in the organizations, we also want to predict it, and therefore, it is crucial to assess the requirements of the position (job demands) and the resources both personal and from the work,» explained Arnold Bakker, Organizational Psychology Department Director at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, who participated in the measurement launch.

“It is important to teach workers to identify the work aspects of their job that move and motivate them, giving them space to modify their working environment, and making it more challenging. The key in managing Engagement, stands between the efforts of the companies and the workers themselves, making this a combined labor of shared responsibilities”, added Philip Wood, Productivity and Human Capital Director of Innovum Fundación Chile.


  • Perceiving that professional development opportunities exist at work.
  • Having an optimistic vision on life and the way to see work.
  • Feeling able and prepared to face big work challenges.
  • Having autonomy to decide how to do the work.
  • For the work to be demanding and for it to involve high levels of concentration.


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