Chile seeks to consolidate Mining Innovation Models

As part of Cesco Week 2015, Innovum Fundación Chile together with the Centro de Estudios del Cobre y la Minería, Cesco (Center of Copper and Mining Studies), carry out the seminar “Providers & Mining: Towards Knowledge in Economy”.

The encounter will be held on Thursday, April 16th at Fundación Chile. It will be addressing the international experience of countries that have managed to consolidate development models based on innovation and generation of local technological capacities, and then contrast it with local reality, and assess the opportunities and challenges that the country faces on these matters.

Bearing that in mind, it has summoned international experts in matters such as innovation, development of METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Services) and natural resources from Australia, Korea, and Argentina, among which we will count with the presence of Nick Minchin, former Minister of Industry and currently Consul of Australia in New York and; Keun Lee, academic at Seul National University; and Anabel Marín, researcher and member of STEPS Center in Latin America.

Among those invited to discuss the issues, we find Nick Minchin from Australia, Keun Lee from Korea, and the Argentinian Anabel Marín.

“It is currently fundamental for Chile not only to have the political experience on how to articulate public and private actors around this challenge, but also to have the technical vision on how a country can generate solid grounds for innovation, knowledge, and development around natural resources and an industry like mining,» highlighted Hernán Araneda, Manager of Innovum Fundación Chile.

The seminar will also be attended by Eduardo Bitran, Corfo’s Executive Vice-president, Mauro Valdés, Fundación Chile’s National Mining Program’s President; Carlo Pietrobelli, Inter-American Development Bank leading specialist of the Competitiveness and Innovation Division, among other important actors in theindustry.

“This seminar has the advantage of being one of the few spaces in the public debate that treats mining suppliers as a real opportunity for innovation and knowledge for Chile. Hence, this seminar becomes an instance to draw attention to the crucial role of the mining industry as a factor of technological development and therefore as a feasible way for the country to develop”, added Juan Carlos Guajardo, Director of Cesco.

Cesco Week will be held between April 13 and 16, 2015. The main event, the 2015 Cesco Dinner will be held on April 15 at the Club Hípico (Derby) at 18:30. The event will count with the presence of the former President of the Nation, Mr. Ricardo Lagos Escobar, as the keynote speaker, who in recent months has stood out by his activism in the search for a new paradigm for the development of mining in Chile.


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