Mining supplier companies exported products and/or services for US$537 millions

Fundación Chile, together with Pro Chile and Achilles Chile, published the first Export Suppliers Report for the Mining Sector 2010-2014, a project developed within the High Grade Mining National Program, the one that is mainly intended to boost the mining exports, pretending to reach sales for US$10,000 million on year 2035.

“The High Grade Mining National Program is aiming to have at least 250 Chilean world class suppliers and exports for US$10 thousand millions in mining-related products and services for 2035. In such way, contribution to improve the competitiveness of the sector will take place and at the same time, create local capacity that gives the country a long term development perspective”, said Mauro Valdés, High Grade National Mining Program President.

Among its main results, the document identifies that during year 2014, suppliers companies exported goods and/or services for a total amount of US$ 537 million. In addition to that, the report revealed that only 23% of export companies during 2014 are PYME (small and medium sized enterprises), versus 76% big sized companies. The main destination of those exports was Perú, with 38% .

Patricio Meller, president of Fundación Chile, referred to the importance of  exports in the mining suppliers sector: “What we want in our country, after we run out of copper, is to have capacity for technology innovation and that all the copper production associated innovation could be transferable to other productive sectors and also to other countries. This report shows us where we have to focus our efforts in order to achieve such goals.”

Roberto Paiva, Director of ProChile, stated that this report is a motivation “to keep working in order to increase the number of mining suppliers export companies and make them reach external markets, specifically the PYMES, the ones we are inviting to approach our Centros Pyme Exporta (PYME Export Centers) so they can receive proper training and they can start their exporting process. This is a relevant sector for our economy, with a big growing potential, therefore for year 2016, we considered a sector plan to support particularly the suppliers of goods and services for mining. This plan will allow prospection missions to take place, visiting international fairs and attend business roundtables, among other actions”.

The report has been prepared through a cooperative work between Fundación Chile, ProChile and Achilles. In that regard, the Latam West Director of Achilles, Daniel Barreda, highlighted the importance of being part of this initiative: “In the current economic situation, is essential that the mining suppliers companies guide their strategies towards internalization.

As a company, Achilles keeps working to generate links and development opportunities for mining suppliers as well for the rest of industries that we work with and also supporting organizations like Pro Chile, which works daily for the evolution of the Chilean markets”.


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