BHP Foundation and Fundación Chile Team up in Support of Students’ Comprehensive Education

• “Aprender (A) Ser” is one of the initiatives currently under development by BHP Foundation, loyal to its commitment in strengthening digital education in times of crisis. The program will be aired through TV Educa Chile providing content that supports comprehensive educational processes for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12, also promoting the development of skills for the 21st century.

Committed to fostering and promoting the development of students in Chile, BHP Foundation has decided to implement a pool of initiatives in the field of education responding to the different needs that have emerged as a result of the physical isolation of millions of families amid the Covid 19 pandemic.

One of them is ensuring educational continuity bringing forth solutions with and without internet connection. Millions of Chilean families are dealing with a prolonged quarantine, meaning that school and (several) work activities have been transferred to a remote work space. However, not every household in Chile counts with computers or internet connection; therefore, TV plays a central role in massifying contents, since most households, both urban and rural count with one.

This is the context in which the “Aprender (A) SER” program  was developed by BHP Foundation jointly with Fundación Chile. Its purpose is to produce high quality educational capsules that support the complete educational processes of boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12, and contribute to the development of skills for the 21st century. It will be aired on TV Educa Chile, a channel that is currently available nationwide for this purpose.

Hernán Araneda, Fundación Chile’s VP of Human Development Center, pointed out that “while we know that in-person education cannot be replaced by other methods, we believe it is essential to make efforts and generate different alternatives that help us stimulate learning in boys and girls, thus contributing to reducing the gap that our country’s education faces, and that is increased in the current conditions.”

Araneda added, that the idea is to promote learning through a playful approach within the daily routine and with the resources and materials that are available at hand to give continuity to the educational process at home, so that the lack of technological resources are not a limitation to learning and continued development.

Everyday Challenges

Aprender (A) Ser is structured on the basis of four different stages: Challenge, Experience, Practice, and Learning. The first stage consists in presenting the challenge to be achieved; it consists of an activity in the areas of Art, Urbanism and Architecture; Science and Technology, Sustainable Development, Health, Food and Wellness, Communication and Literature, Community Relations, Citizenship and Democracy, among others.

Subsequently, the children are invited to develop experiences and practices, to continue motivating them to carry out their creative work. Finally, the learning achievements are reinforced on the basis of the interactive experience.

Alejandra Garcés, Programa Chile’s Director at BHP Foundation, explained that “BHP Foundation aspires, through these initiatives, to contribute to closing the gap in the quality of education that especially affects the most vulnerable students in our country.”

She added that “we have a unique opportunity to collaborate with organizations that have the potential to transform the system and provide better preparation for this generation of students, and future generations, with the skills they need for the future.”

Collaboration and Life

This initiative forms part of Colaboración y Vida (Collaboration and Life), the name Fundación Chile has given to the work it is currently deploying in response to the health and economic crisis resulting from CoVid-19 by emphasizing agile, scalable, and socially impacting initiatives and solutions. We strongly believe that the only way to overcome this crisis and move ahead is by doing so collectively. Learn more here.

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