About us

We are a private non-profit corporation that promotes innovations that move the boundaries of possibility. Our partners are the State of Chile and BHP.

In FCh we generate international networks, delivering high impact solutions to address Chile’s challenges in Sustainability, development of Human Capital, Education, Aquaculture, Entrepreneurship, and Food.

In our trajectory we have grown into a “do tank”, being pioneers in enabling new sectors through a portfolio of demonstrative companies, programs that create capacities, and technological services. Some examples include the creation of the salmon farming industry in the 1980s, the setup of venture capital funds in Latin America in the 1990s, and the movement toward renewable energies in 2000. Along with these, there is the collaborative work with more of 160 organizations worldwide (companies, governments, and technological centers, among others) in 35 countries.

We are committed to Chile and its future. We believe that the country has a historic opportunity that we cannot miss. In an ever-changing world , FCh puts at the disposal of the country its extensive know-how in open innovation so that together we can make the leap ".
Marcos Kulka - CEO.

Value Proposition

OPEN INNOVATION:  We carry out technological transfer through the creation of companies that allow the dissemination of innovation, or patenting of technologies that introduce and spread solutions in the economy.
DRIVING CHILE:   These are the initiatives that allow us to generate the conditions for the installation of the new technologies in Chile, creating a more dynamic ecosystem to promote development through innovation.
CREATED COMPANIES: We offer several innovative services. We adapt knowledge and different technologies according to the needs of our customers. Each advice is unique. The services allow us to have a constant connection with the market, to stay abreast of the new needs, and spread innovation.


DO TANK: We act as a Do Tank by being in sync with the needs of our customers, and responding to the market's permanent feedback. We move forward and adapt through concrete actions, piloting and adjusting our initiatives to increase their value and generate the greatest impact. HONEST BROKER: We connect people and institutions from different areas and sectors, recognizing common purpose and interests, driving conversations and actions that allow the development of shared challenges. SYSTEMATIC AND MULTI-DISCIPLINARY VIEW: We understand the importance of having multiple sources of contribution and feedback, valuing the creation of opportunities and ideas from a multidisciplinary approach. In addition, we understand our role in the innovation ecosystem, which requires us to be permanently and actively up-to-date on the challenges and interests of our counterparts and the market. EXCELLENCE: We organize our work in order to achieve the proposed objectives with high quality products. We permanently monitor our results and the impact of our projects.